Apple cider vinegar is a common household ingredient which has the ability to treat various health conditions and issues. It is particularly efficient in treatment of common cold, hiccups as well as in preventing heart disease and it also aids weight loss. These are not the only health benefits of apple cider vinegar.


Regular consumption of this amazing natural remedy also provides the following benefits:


ACV is rich in caffeic, chlorogenic, gallic and catechin acid which are powerful antioxidants that promote overall health.

Regulate cholesterol

Regular consumption of ACV can prevent arterial damage or oxidation by lowering the bad cholesterol levels.


Maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Many studies have confirmed that ACV has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels because of its strong anti-glycemic properties. It works by preventing the total digestion of starch.

Heartburn and acid reflux

Low amounts of acid in the stomach cause acid reflux which can be treated with ACV. ACV has strong antibiotic properties which can solve this issue. Mix 1 tablespoon of raw ACV with a glass of water and drink the mixture.

Better nutrient absorption

ACV contains acetic acid which promotes better absorption of minerals from the food you eat. Adding ACV in your salad dressing will help you get more of the nutrients.

Weight loss

Acetic acid also speeds up the metabolism, it reduces water retention and also suppresses appetite which results in weight loss.



According to one study, you can get rid of Candida in just two months by regularly consuming 1 tablespoon of ACV every day. ACV is efficient in treatment of Candida because it has strong anti-fungal properties.

Sinus congestion

ACV also has antibacterial properties which can efficiently treat infections. It is particularly efficient in treatment of sinus congestion because it dissolves mucus and helps the body get rid of it faster.

Take 2 tablespoons of ACV every day promotes your heart health.

Tips about using ACV for best results:

  • Always buy organic, raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
  • If you want to consume it every day, mix 2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water and add some lemon juice and honey for flavor.
  • If you don’t want the taste of the mixture, you can always add ACV in your salads and meals.

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