You can tell a lot about someone’s true nature according to few situations rather than spending years with them. You can see whether a man is truly ‘good’ by looking at the way he treats his partner. Here are 6 characteristics of a good man.

1. He is never abusive

A man should never be violent unless he is in danger. No matter how heated the argument is, he must never become physically violent because he is aware that abuse is wrong no matter what.

Even if he has been cheated or lied to, he knows it is very important to stay calm and control himself rather than act like an uncivilized person.

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2. He is supportive

He will support his partner even if the does not understand their goals because he values his partner’s happiness and fulfillment. However, if he believes that you are reaching for something that will end up as a disaster, he will try to explain that you should switch to something different and better.

3. He makes his partner feel safe

Providing protection and security in a relationship is still considered to be the obligation of the man. A good man knows when it is time to stand up for his partner and to protect her even if that threat is something as simple as being taken advantage of.

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4. He is honest

A good man will never cheat no matter how tempted he is. He values his partner much more than he values every other woman and he will never jeopardize his relationship. A good man has probably learned this lesson the hard way by being cheated on, and he will never allow his partner to go through the same.

5. He is selfless

At the beginning of the relationship, some men act selfless in order to bribe their partner because they lack confidence, however a good man will keep being selfless no matter how easy he think it is to keep his partner. He will never choose his friends over his partner to spend the weekend with.

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6. He makes his partner feel good

A good man will make his partner feel special all the time. He will never put her through something that might hurt her because he is aware that the world is full of dishonest, abusive and unsupportive people. This is why he will try to show his partner that he is one of the good people that are not a myth.

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