A guidance for you:

It is a time of testing of old dreams. When thinking about this be careful not to think things were better than they were actually. No, things may not have gone quite as you hoped by because of this things are, and will be better in the future. Don’t be surprised if someone from the past makes contact.

B guidance for you:

You give to others freely so don’t be afraid of taking what is being offered. Ife is balance and just as you give to others when they are needing you can receive too. Don’t be afraid of taking if you are offered. Whether it is advice, second hand goods or time. In terms of career/money/material wealth source is urging you to look around you. There may be opportunities you haven’t looked at. There is nothing wrong with exploring your options. Make sure you are receiving what you are worth.

C guidance for you:

Hard work and attention to detail. You work well behind the scens to make sure everything is in place but make sure you are doing this hard work for you as well. Source is urging you to make sure you put yourself into this equation.There will be a satisfactory outcome to any dilemmas you have at present so rest assured because of YOU your hard work there will be success. Try and be patient as sometimes slow progress can be a little frustrating but it is just that …progress.

D guidance for you:

Source is urging you to look at relationships. Whether this is romantic, family or friendships. You are a person who is good at controlling balance and emotions within relationships. In fact this is a desirable quality about you. Source is urging you to make sure you are getting back what you are putting in.

If not, don’t be afraid of making the balance more even by either guiding them to connect stronger or gently walking away.

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