Expecting too much from other people is the main cause of emotional and mental suffering.

Studies have shown that expecting too much from your friends and family and not being given what you wanted could cause psychological health issues such as anxiety and depression. This happens because when you are expecting something from a certain person you are often creating unrealistic situations and when things don’t go as you have planned you become angry at that person which can damage your relationship.

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1. Expecting people to always do the right thing

There are no two identical people in the world. Everyone has different beliefs, personality, aspirations etc. which is why you shouldn’t expect others to feel the same you feel about everything. Psychological and cultural practices as well as the environment you have been raised in make you the person you are. Don’t expect others to feel the same with you.

2. Expecting everyone to agree with you

Even though it feels great when people around us agree with what we say and do we can’t always expect them to do so. If someone disagrees with you, you shouldn’t feel angry or hurt. You have the right to disagree with people too so never expect others to feel and think the exact way you do.

3. Expecting people to be perfect

No one is perfect and if you create your image of someone and that image is then destroyed, whose fault is it? You will only get disappointed if you always expect others to do everything perfectly. Making mistakes is a normal thing and everyone makes them sooner or later.

4. Expecting people to be mind-readers

Sometimes you may feel sad or upset about something and if you want others to know how you feel you should tell them. Not everyone will notice the sad look on your face immediately and if you get mad at them for not noticing you are only going to make things worse. No one can read your mind so always express yourself with words.

5. Expecting people to pick you up after you fall

Just like you have your struggles and problems, other people also have their own. If someone does not help you when you need it, it does not always mean that the person does not care about you. He/she could be going through a lot worse situations than you.

6. Expecting people to always understand you

If you have trouble understanding yourself, don’t expect others to be able to. If your friend can’t understand the mess that is going through your head it does not mean that you are less of a person.

7. Expecting people to treat you the same way you treat them

If everyone treated each other equally, the world will become a perfect place. You have probably been mistreated by someone you always cared for. Try to understand such people, they may not have a true relationship with themselves in order to know how to treat you back.

8. Expecting people to change their behavior suddenly

Once you realize that this is never possible you will be much happier. Telling someone how to think or behave will not change who they are, it could even lead to your relationship being destroyed. If there are differences in your personalities are too big try to change your perspective not the person.

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9. Expecting others to be the same person

People constantly change and you can’t make someone become the same person they were years ago. We go through everyday battles that change the way we feel and act about many things which is why you should never make others go back to what they were.

10. Expecting others to have it all together

Life can be too stressful too often and not everyone is capable of remaining calm all the time in hard situations. If your friends are going through a rough period, don’t expect them to have it all together. Be compassionate and tell them you know they are trying and doing their best. This way you will strengthen your relationship.

source and courtesy dailyhealthgen