10 Powerful Affirmations to Instantly Boost Your Mood

Put out a little extra positivity in your life today! Choose one of these 10 powerful affirmations and get ready to experience a positive life.

10 Powerful Affirmations to Instantly Boost Your Mood
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Need some meaningful affirmations to start your day? Need a little extra positivity to uplift your day?

Scroll through these 10 powerful affirmations and manifest your way to a joyful, positive life.


I live in Love and Light.

I spread joy and happiness.

I am the sunshine of my life.


I let my pure light shine

through the mirror of my life

and everything as a reflection

of my Inner Light, comes to me

in beauty and happiness.


I breathe with my heart.

I breathe in Love,

I breathe out Love.

I am Love.

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I deserve the best, and I attract

only good things in my life.


I always have a good reason

to be thankful to life,

I always have a good reason

to smile.


I trust myself.

I succeed in everything I do.

I succeed in Life without effort.

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I welcome this day with a smile.

Every day is a new, meaningful step

on my life journey.


I am fully satisfied with my life.

All that I have is all that I want.


I feel positive,

this is how I cultivate good luck.


I can light up

the world around myself

with a simple smile on my face.

So I smile.

The affirmations you just read are taken from our book 365 Mantras for Today, a collection of 365 powerful affirmations to enlighten every day of your life.

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Mind gremlins: "My life is a mess."
Negative mind chatter: "I’ll never get over this problem."
Mental noise: "I’m not smart/attractive/successful"

The time has come to attract into your life all of the wonderful things you dream of and that you deserve.
"I succeed in everything I do."
"I am love."
"I dare to live my dreams."
"I give myself permission to be happy."

365 Mantras for Today is the book that provides you with everything you need to effortlessly change your life.

Some mantras will purify you. Some others will help you in raising your energies. You will free yourself from fears, feelings of guilt, anger, resentment, and expectations. You will achieve Self-confidence, Gratitude, Acceptance, Joy, and Self-respect.

Every moment in your daily life is the right time to connect yourself with the power of positivity! And there's no better time than now.

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