10 Reasons to Have Himalayan Salt Lamps in your Home

Do you know how beneficial the salt lamps are?

10 Reasons to Have Himalayan Salt Lamps in your Home

Himalayan salt lamps can have great effects as well amazing health benefits to a person. Non-the less, Himalayan salt lamps are so stunning to look at; they are like having a dimension around from another planet. Today we are counting down the top 10 reasons to have Himalayan salt lamps in your home.

Top 10 reasons to have Himalayan Salt Lamps in your home

1. Emptying and Freshening the Air

This is probably the most prevalent reason why people buy Himalayan salt lamps for their homes. It’s a known fact, through a process called hygroscopy the lamps will actually purify and cleanse the room air, removing particles such as pollen, dust, cigarette smoke and substances such as that.

2. Relief from Allergies as Well as Asthma Matters

This is another outstanding benefit in which Himalayan Salt Lamps stand out. By having them in your home, within a good week or two you should see some relief if you suffer from allergies or asthma issues. This is because the contents and particles within the lamps themselves are key for removing microscopic particles, such as dust, pet dander, mildew, mold, and such elements within that family.

3. Ease of Coughing

When the lamp heats up and begins the hygroscopic cycle, which eradicating foul airborne particles from the air, it will also alter the charge of the molecules. So how does this help with the easing of a cough? Well, when the lamp is heated, the salt will actually release purified water hazes back into the air of your home, ejecting all the negative ions which have the destructive effects on a person’s airwaves.

4. Energy Level Upsurge

It’s a known fact that from having a Himalayan Salt Lamp on inside your home, within a week or two you should begin to feel your energy levels rise because of the positive ions in which the lamps release out into the air.

5. Counterbalancing the Electromagnetic Contamination

Now days it seems as though we are polluting the air with so many different energy waves and radiations from appliances. Believe it or not the lamps will work to neutralize this type of radiation! A great place to keep a Himalayan Salt Lamp would be next to a computer, television or any other electrical devices in your home.

6. A Better Night’s Sleep

It’s a given fact that over exposure from all the helpful ions in the air will actually rob a person of a great night’s sleep and this will occur because those positively-charged elements can actually diminish blood, as well oxygen supply to a person’s brain and this will definitely result in asymmetrical sleeping forms.

What a lot of people do not realize is that by having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home, it will actually reduce the issues, so by keeping one or two of these salt lamps by your bedside will actually help to cleanse and sanitize the air around you, which will lead to overall better sleep.

7. Enlightening Your Mood and Attentiveness

Having Himalayan salt lamps around you will naturally help to increase a better mood and greater concentration because the natural chemicals infused inside the lamps shoot out a natural stabilizer for serotonin increases, as well higher levels of oxygen and greater blood flow throughout the body.

8. Helping to Treat Seasonal Sentimental Syndrome

Another great feature of the oh so lovely Himalayan salt lamp is the fact that their soft, natural lights which are given off can actually relate to sunlight, which indeed will assist persons whom suffer with what we called, Seasonal Depression. Nothing like a bit of light to brighten your day and mood.

9. Dropping Static Voltage in the Air Waves

It’s a known fact that the Himalayan salt lamps will help diminish the static electricity within the air waves simply from their natural purifying and emetic elements in which radiate out when turned on.

10. Great Light Source for the Environment

The lamps usually use a very low-wattage bulb and will save a great deal on energy, electricity and overall reduce your electricity bill!

Statistics show that the Himalayan pink salt which is mined to go into the salt lamps are intended to last around 350 years. Yes you read that correctly! Isn’t that simply amazing?

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