10 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle An Empath

Are you an empath? Learn why most men cannot handle an empath.

10 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle An Empath

Are you an empath? Learn why most men cannot handle an empath.


1. Asking too many questions

Most men tend to lead a simple, regular life – living in the present. However, an empathetic woman thinks about everything beforehand and loves to share it with her partner. But men walk away from complicated discussions and questions. This results in incompatibility and eventually break-ups.

2. Too much honesty

Honesty is a strong trait of empaths. And even though, a relationship’s pillar is honesty, too much knowledge can destroy it. Hence, an empathetic woman would end that relationship rather than holding back the truth.

3. Knowing what you want

Since, they have planned everything already; they fear that the entrance of any other person in their life might cause chaos. Hence, they choose to remain single.

4. Empathetic partners

Empaths don’t want a short term relationship or a one-night-stand from men. They want a meaningful relationship which average men can’t give them.

5. Intimacy matters

Intimacy is not an issue for empathetic women as they don’t withhold any emotions. But this might be too much for men. They leave, making the woman feel lonely. However, when the right man comes along, she knows he would understand.

6. Seeing the worst in men

Empaths don’t mend people. In fact, they like to learn from people. So if you are a man of low self-esteem or low self-confidence, she would sense it. The chances of a relationship between such people are rare.

7. The importance of consistency

Empaths are consistent and follow their routine, which might be tough for men to follow. Also, they hate the people who break their promises.

8. Empathetic intensity

They connect to your mind. They can feel what you feel. So if you think they are intense, you are right. But it’s your call, whether you stay with them or leave.

9. It is all or nothing

Even their love can be intense. You might feel like she is forcing her love but actually, she is giving you all the love she has. This usually scares away men.

10. Being independent

They don’t want the love of their life to come and rescue her. She has her life sorted. When she has all she wants, she will look for love and once found, hold on to it.

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