10 Signs That The Spirit Of A Deceased Loved One Is Nearby

There are some signs that the energy of the deceased one is among us, and here is how you can feel it and recognize it.

10 Signs That The Spirit Of A Deceased Loved One Is Nearby

There is nothing in the world that hurt’s more than the death of a close person. When you face the fact that this person is no longer part of your life, that you will never ever have the opportunity to see, hug or tell her/him you love him is devastating.

People tend to believe that even though the person is gone, their soul or energy stays on our physical plane.

Generally speaking, there is no concrete scientific proof for the spirit’s existence on our physical plane, but there are however certain manifestations that the energy of the deceased one is among us, and here is how you can feel it and recognize it :

1 Their manifestation in our dreams

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While falling asleep our subconscious is caught up between the dream world and the astral plane where all the energies are stored, including the deceased ones’. So we will either dream about them or feel their presence in our dream and that’s their way of trying to connect with us.

2 Object change their position

Have you ever put some object at a certain place like a key or necklace, and then found it in a completely different place? This is not a coincidence, but a sign that the deceased one is nearby, especially if the objects were used by the deceased ones while they were alive.

3 Smell their scent

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If out of nowhere you smell a specific scent or perfume that was used by the deceased one in his/her lifetime, the meaning of it it’s pretty obvious.

4 Sentimental Song

All of a sudden, you listen to ‘your’ song on the radio. Too often you listen other songs reminding of your deceased loved one, but you don’t play them. You have the feeling that the music is following you and sending you a secret message.

5 Unexpected Thoughts

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You may be bombarded with strange thoughts, maybe unwanted. You will have strange thoughts all of a sudden, when you least expect. The thoughts will be about something connected to your past.  What will surprise you, even more, are the strange thoughts with a clear message in them. For example: you suddenly have the thought that you may have left your gas knob open in the kitchen. When you see it’s true, you will know that someone’s watching over you.

6 The Savior

If suddenly a new person appears, a person that comes at the right time in the right place and saves your day or maybe life- this might be a sign from heaven. If your loved one still cares about you, he is going to send you ‘the savior’. Even if your connection with the savior ends in a romantic way, be assured that your deceased loved one arranged it and gave the blessing.

7 Gift of Love

When you are desperate, when everything seems helpless you may feel the gift of love. You may suddenly feel strong hope, powerful energy and confidence, you will find the unknown strength inside you to move forward. This is the gift of love from your deceased loved one who’s sending his energy as a gift to you.

8 Just After Death

Famous spiritual thinker James Van Praagh believes that the deceased does not leave the place immediately after death. The spirit stays there for some time until the last rituals are over.

It is a common experience people feel the presence of the deceased during that period. A gentle pat on the back or caressing the cheek is a sign to show that the deceased is trying to console the family and friends.

9 Animal Sense

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Some animals have even stronger perceptive powers than us humans. If you and your deceased loved one had a pet, it is most likely that the pet is going to feel the presence of the dead person. Whenever the spirit is around you, you will see the strange behavior of your pet.

10 Demonstrate by Deeds

You may feel the presence of someone important in your life who has just passed if you do things that they usually did in their lifetime.

Doing the same special things, unique for the passed person may be a good way to connect with their spirit.

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