10 Signs You Are A Healer (And What To Do About It)

Do you have healing energy? Are you a healer? These signs are guideposts that lead you to discover your true purpose.

10 Signs You Are A Healer (And What To Do About It)

In my work as an energy healer and intuitive, I'm often asked how I knew I was a healer or what made me decide to do this work. The truth is, on some level I always knew, but I definitely had a major catalyst that confirmed my "always knew" senses, and helped push me in the direction of creating my business and becoming a Reiki Master Teacher and Angel Intuitive.


Part of what I discovered while becoming more educated in all these areas, is that there are indeed some common signs that many healers share.

In fact, part of my work now involves teaching and providing guidance on this topic and helping countless people discover, confirm and begin their own path as a healer.

These signs are guideposts, leading healers to discovering their purpose and aligning with it.

While any gut feelings you may have about possibly being a healer should not be ignored, getting external signs can be extremely instrumental in nudging you in the direction of the vital purpose; our planet needs healers more than ever right now.

Here are 10 signs you are a healer


1. You are energy sensitive and/or empathic:

If you are affected by the emotions or pain of others that is a sign of a healer. Becoming overwhelmed by lots of different energy, like in a crowd, is also a sign. This energy sensitivity actually helps a healer determine what may be causing an issue for someone; in Reiki sessions I can often feel where a client has pain without being told.

2. You have heightened intuition:

We are all intuitive to a certain degree. For some, intuitive senses are more acute and there is an increased awareness of energy, feelings, emotions and often specific details about situations and people. This increased 6th sense is useful in guiding healers to ways the can help others; it's something I have learned to never ignore, especially when I'm with a client.

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3. You can easily diagnose ailments:

Healers are often keenly intuitive when it comes to knowing what may be making someone sick. Before I worked as an energy healer, when my children were very young, I was always spot on when it came to various childhood illnesses; our doctor visits always confirmed my feelings. This is known as medical intuition and healers often have it in one way or another, some very strong and others more subtle.

4. People turn to you for advice:

Are you the go to person for advice among your friends and/or family? Healers are frequently sought after for advice and guidance. Subconsciously people can sense the wisdom and empathic energy of a healer, so they gravitate towards seeking counsel from them.

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5. People confide in you:

Since I was very young, people would share their secrets and problems with me, often as a way to simply get it off their chest. Frequently, these are total strangers; like the cashier at the market or someone sitting next to me on the train. The energy of a healer somehow feels safe to people; they subconsciously know it's okay to reveal and share.

6. You feel compelled to solve other people's problems:

Healers are born to make the world a better place, so it makes sense that they are sincerely driven to solve problems and restore peace. If you find yourself overhearing a conversation about an issue and can think of 5 ways to resolve it immediately, it is because you are a healer. This can be tricky to live with, after all it might not be prudent to tell complete strangers what to do when they never asked for your help. That's the key; asking for help. As a healer, it's important to respect the Law of Free Will (like guardian angels do); people can choose what they want in their lives and we do not interfere unless asked for help.

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7. You have a special connection to nature and animals:

Nature has very healing qualities. Plants, animals, the sun, moon, stars, Ocean and Earth all have incredibly grounded energy and can help people heal. Healers are naturally inclined to commune with nature and often use it, sometimes unknowingly, to balance their own chakras. If you crave time outdoors with the trees or cannot live without a pet, that is a clear signal you are a healer.

8. You understand spirituality:

To be clear, I'm not talking about religion. This is about the universe (or God, whatever you prefer) and oneness; the connection we all share. Healers innately understand the connectedness of humanity, nature and spirit. It's a deep knowing that there is something more than the eye can see and that we are somehow all part of this universal energy.

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9. You seek holistic and alternative ways for your own healing:

When a healer gets a cold, the drugstore is he last place they turn. Ever since I was a kid, I absolutely hated taking any medicine because if made me feel worse. Once I was an adult, I sought alternative medicine for any health issues I experienced; it's part of the reason I chose to learn Reiki.

10. You cannot tolerate chemical in your environment:

Healers frequently prefer to use natural household cleaners and eat organic, unprocessed foods. This is because chemicals cause them irritation in one way or another; from allergies and headaches to repulsiveness from smells. If you prefer to eat clean and use microfiber cloths instead of spray wax and chemical spray cleaners, it is yet another sign you are a healer.

If some or all of these signs resonate with you, consider exploring the path of a healer.

What that means is unique to each person; the main common factor is a knack for helping others and a desire to make the world a better place. You might work in a traditional healing field, like nursing or counseling, or you my choose to pursue energy healing; the choice is yours. The work you do is not as important as the awareness you have about your purpose as a healer, because you bring that energy wherever you go and whatever you do.

If you feel uncertain about what direction to take, ask your guardian angels for some guidance and inspiration; once your awareness is confirmed and your willingness is expressed, you will find your path.

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