10 Things You Didn't Know About Angels

These creatures of the cosmos can reveal more than you realise. Here are 10 things you didn't know about Angels

10 Things You Didn't Know About Angels

These creatures of the cosmos can reveal more than you realise…

So let's find out the 10 things you did not know about Angels:

1 They speak in a different language

Deities are said to speak in the language of light, while humans talk in sound. Angels therefore have to communicate with us in a format that we can understand. It is said that this is mainly through the medium of putting thoughts into our minds.

2 They are not always human in form

Angels are supernatural beings. They therefore supposedly have the power to take the form of animals or develop superhuman characteristics like wings.

3 They belong to families

Like us with our own relatives, angels are said to belong to clans with which they hold a special bond, called “spheres”.

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4 They have different personalities

Just like us, some are said to be feisty and easily angered, while others have a more calm and measured disposition.

5 Good angels outweigh the bad

It is said that fallen angels are behind bad events that happen in our world, so it’s good to know that there are apparently more good angels than bad ones!

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6 They’re still active in our world today

It is a common belief that angels have only existed in days gone by, but it has actually been suggested that they are all around us in the present day, all of the time.

7 They watch over us in groups

It is a common belief that every person has a guardian angel, but it is said that we all have little teams of angels behind us, watching over us in our day to day lives.

8 Their main purpose is to serve

Angels are servants, protectors, helpers and healers.

9 They’re not all female

Angels are said to take both male and female forms, as they have a spiritual level of around 29-34 per cent. Only deities with a spiritual level of over 60 per cent are claimed to not identify themselves with a gender.

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10 They cannot answer all  prayers

Angels are said to be only capable of guiding us by putting thoughts in our minds. They cannot answer all prayers, if the intention of the prayer is not for the highest good.

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