Which One is Your Feminine Archetype? Are You a Goddess, a Muse or a Priestess, or ...?

Are You a Goddess, a Muse or a Priestess, a Seductress, a Warrior or ...? There Are 12 Feminine Archetypes. Which One is Yours?

Which One is Your Feminine Archetype? Are You a Goddess, a Muse or a Priestess, or ...?


We all have different personality traits that can and will affect our moods and lives. Some of these are positive and others are negative.

Some of us want to move towards a path of evolution. For those of us who do we have to explore our deepest parts and work our defects out as we see fit. In this, we get to know our true selves on the most intimate level. Each of us whether we are truly aware or not embody an archetype.

There are 12 basic female archetypes that I will go over below. Which one fits you best?

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Which One is Your Feminine Archetype? Are You a Goddess, a Muse or a Priestess, a Seductress, a Warrior or ...?


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This woman is one who has completely devoted herself and life to being awake. She is a bit eccentric at times but that is okay. She is aware of a higher consciousness and has achieved it. There is no fooling her because she is more than in the know of who and what she is and where she is in this world.


This specific archetype is one that seems a bit more cynical than the rest. While this person is good at concentrating they are often sad and self-destructing, to say the least. She is someone who will need to be handled with care and she is aware of that.


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The mystery surrounding life is no longer a mystery to her. She sees things for what they are and is forever discovering new ways to be a bit more distant from the illusions that come with this life. She is wise beyond her years and mentally strong without a doubt, however, she is fussy and impatient.


She seems mystical all around and is overly feminine in a non-feminine way. She can see things that we do not see and could not see even if we wanted to. She is sensitive, to say the least, and generally, tends to have a need to escape reality. This is someone who feeds into the illusions rather than fighting them off.


She overflows with the ability to guide others. She is someone who everyone watches and sees without noticing. She is someone who people blindly follow and she if full of inner strength. The only downside to her is that she has to be the center of attention, no matter what.


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She is beautiful, in every sense of the word. While she has human qualities there is still something otherworldly about her. She can be vain and manipulative if given the right circumstance but she is full of love and can live in harmony when it chance arises.


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She is creative and a source of inspiration for many. There is nothing she cannot make something amazing out of. The only downside to her is that she tends to come down with severe emotional fluctuations from time to time. These are issues with which she cannot deal.


She is innocent and simple. There is no easy way to describe her. She can be spontaneous and inconsistent for sure and when it comes to wanting something others have jealously is always knocking on her front door. She is best left unaltered.


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She is competitive and strong, there is nothing she cannot do. She is determined and resourceful. When it comes to courage she is never lacking. Sure, sometimes she may seem a bit aggressive but that is normal for her kind.


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She is manipulating and will always use sex as a weapon. She knows what she has and how to use it to get what she wants. She is the most manipulating out of these archetypes and will take whatever she can from you and leave you empty.


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She will love all other people before she decided to even think twice about how she sees herself. She is one of those people who will do anything she can for those who are important to her and is often taken advantage of. She supports others and they do nothing for her.


This archetype is one that will be very down to earth. She will do whatever she can to blend in and that can be seen as a weakness to most. She is normal and always seeking more yet getting nowhere. Her only good point is her empathy and even that is lacking.

- Which one fits you best?

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