13 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

Dreams are easily the best way to get to know our subconscious as well as the spirit world itself. If you are dreaming of one of these 13 things you need to take action.

13 Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

We have always had a deep-rooted interest in our dreams and the things that happen in them. Dreams are easily the best way to get to know our subconscious as well as the spirit world itself.

Have you ever had a recurring dream, something you couldn’t shake? I know I have. I used to have a book with all the ‘dream meanings’ of things and I sure would use it too. You see, sometimes the things we dream are actually warnings of things to come or things that we are going through.

If you are dreaming of any of the things below you need to take action.

1. Nudity (being naked)

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When we dream of being naked, it often means we have a fear of being exposed. When we dream of others being naked, it could mean something along the lines of ‘the naked truth’ of a situation or even a look into an affair. Nakedness is all about accepting our flaws. When we are naked in our dreams, we have to ask ourselves if we are afraid of exposing ourselves; that will give us the answer as to which of these things we are dealing with.

2. Adultery

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This signifies sexual desires and urges that need to be expressed but are being locked away. This is a type of dream that can come with self-worth issues and abandonment fears. When you dream of something like this, you need to ask yourself if you are okay with losing a loved one and go from there in deciding what this means for you.

3. Fire

This sort of dream can have many meanings. How you interact with the fire determines that, for example, if you play with it, you are being warned of risky business, and if you are starting it, you are likely repressing anger. Take time to think about what was happening and how it reflects on your life.

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4. Flying

This means you are lacking something in life. This is a way to recharge your mind and get you working on something. What are you doing with your life, and how can you achieve your goals? That is what you need to ask yourself.

5. Waterfalls

This is a means of cleansing your mind. You are working on a new beginning and washing away the old. Consider how big the waterfall is when looking into how big of a change you will be going through.

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6. Teeth

A dream of pulling teeth symbolizes something that needs to come out, while rotten teeth relate to holding onto anxiety or fear. Most commonly, people dream that their teeth are falling out. This is generally associated with stress. Are you worked up about a new job, relationship issues, financial issues, or other things?

7. Death

This is a lot more common than you would think. This symbolizes the end of something, allowing for the birth of another. This could mean a big-time emotion change.

8. Pregnancy

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This doesn’t mean you will be pregnant it just means you are undergoing significant growth and development. This could mean if you work hard, something incredible is well on its way. Ask yourself what it is you are trying to create.

9. Money

When we dream about money, it depends on what is happening; are we gaining or losing? If you dream of winning the lottery, you may be going through a lifestyle change in the future, and if you dream of giving money away, there could be a fear of loss lingering around.

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10. Houses

Depending on the house, each room could dig deeper into your mind. Dreaming of an attic means you have hidden memories. Houses are about comfort, so this could hold much more emotion than you would think.

11. Falling

This is one of those we often see on television but don’t often think about. If you have ever experienced a falling dream, you know how terrifying it is. This dream means something in your life is spiraling out of control.

12. Being Chased

This often means you feel threatened by something or someone in your life. If you have to avoid something during your daily routines, something must be done to resolve the issue.

13. Snakes

When dreaming of snakes, the meaning depends on what the snake is doing, how many there are, and what kind of snake it is. Now, if you are unsure of what kind it was and were bitten in your dream, it signifies hidden fears and worries threatening your wellness. The snake could also be seen as a symbol of temptation in some cases.

A multi-colored bright snake is a warning of something bad to come.

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