16 Unique Characteristics Only Empathic People Have

It is not always easy to be different and believe some many more things than a regular person. But it is also unique and has a lot of positivity. Helping others is the most beautiful thing they do.

16 Unique Characteristics Only Empathic People Have


16 Things You’ll Notice When You’re In The Presence Of An Empath

Empaths are those, who understand and feel what another person is experiencing. They can place themselves in another’s position. Empathic individuals notice all the little details about another person’s behavior, words, and body language. There are some things that you will see around empathic people as well.

Empaths usually draw people towards them. It is like some magic; people start to open up to them even if they are not close to them. Empaths make you feel safe, comfortable and free to say what’s on your mind.


So here are the 16 things that characterize an empathic person. Find out if you are one of them:

1. They are often found to be “too sensitive.”

They are not too sensitive nor too emotional, they are just in touch with their emotions and can understand what others are feeling as well. It might sometimes be overwhelming to them because when someone is carrying a lot of negative feelings, and the empath feels it, it can cause stress and tiredness.


2. Empaths hate being lied to

That is quite logical because they can read people very well and know instantly when someone is dishonest. It is tough to trust someone, who has once lied to you and empaths usually want to avoid this kind of people.

3. Negative news affect them

Because they can relate to others so well, they also feel their pain and suffering. This does not only apply to people they meet but also to news they read and documentaries they watch. War, crime and other terrible things make them feel bad from the inside.


4. Empaths feel overwhelmed by crowds

Feeling so many different emotions in a day can be very tiring. Being in one place, where there are a lot of different people with different emotions at the same time, is even worse. Because empathic people absorb all the feelings, they feel exhausted after spending time in a public place.

5. Empaths find happiness through healing

They love helping people. It makes their day when they can give someone a peace of mind. They don’t even need to talk because just their presence contributes to healing a broken soul. They are always available for their friends for advice and to comfort.

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6. They react differently to stimulants and medications

As their feelings are heightened, they respond to sodas, coffee, and energy drinks differently than other people. These stimulants tend to make them more anxious and agitated. They also experience different side effect with medication, so they try to avoid taking any pills as much as possible.

7. Empathic people cannot change themselves

Empaths cannot just turn off their feelings and act unemotionally. They make great friends because they can understand you and put themselves in your shoes. They are also honest and loyal and expect the same kind of treatment from their buddies.

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8. They know exactly what you are going through

When you feel like no one understands you, talk to an empath. They will believe the same things you do and connect to your story and situation. They take everything in their heart and try to help as much as possible.

9. Empaths have a special bond with animals

Usually, empaths don’t have pets, because they do not want to “own” another being. They love seeing animals in their natural habitat, in nature. Sometimes even animals can sense their sensitivity and act differently around empathic people.

10. Being exhausted is empath’s everyday life

It is no surprise that listening to others’ worries and helping them will exhaust an empath. They feel everything others’ around them feel and that can wear them out by the evening.


11. If you ask for their advice, take it

Don’t make an empath go through your story or situation if you are not going to take his/her guidance in the end. They know what they are talking about and what you are going through. It is much easier for all the parties just to trust them.

12. They are easily distracted

They notice all the little things, sounds, smells around them. That also means that they lose their focus quite often and get easily distracted. Well, heightened sensitivity has its ups and downs.

13. Empaths detest narcissism

As they are the most caring, understanding and helpful people in the world, they cannot stand their different ones. They can feel selfish, rude, toxic people from a mile away and they avoid them at all costs.

14. Empaths are hypersensitive to certain sounds

This is also the reason they lose their focus. Everything is heightened to them, and it can be quite annoying to hear a buzz or pitch loudly. This also applies to smells, textures and lights.

15. They are the best listeners

They will listen carefully and cheer for your story. Empaths always have great advice because they can put themselves in your shoes. They are not judgemental at all because they understand why you have made certain decisions and they only want to help you.

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16. Electronics act strangely around empathic people

This might sound weird, but technology moves differently around individuals with high sensitivity. They might get shocked by touching the same things others would normally do. Also, computers might glitch, cars stall and phones die.

So now you understand better how empaths feel. It is not always easy to be different and believe some many more things than a regular person. But it is also unique and has a lot of positivity. Helping others is the most beautiful thing they do.

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