Fairies are mythical and supernatural creatures who have magical powers. These charming little winged-spirits are of many different kinds, from flower fairies to water fairies and much more but each come with their unique powers!

Here are three different types of fairies, each with a diverse set of characteristics! The one you feel drawn to can reveal a lot about your personality!


#1 Ice Fairy

Snowflake macro
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

The ice fairy is symbolic of strength and intelligence. You are a born leader and love challenges. Because of the very same characteristics, people around you tend to depend on you for solutions. It is not easy for anyone to break you or rattle you because of your tolerance level.

#2 Flower Fairy

Photo by Sandrachile . / Unsplash

The flower fairy signifies peace, kindness and simplicity. You are a sensitive person and often refrain from saying anything that might hurt others. Your emotional temperament is quite fragile. You are very understanding as a person.

#3 Garden Fairy

An impressionist dream.
Photo by Veronica Reverse / Unsplash

The garden fairy signifies originality and inventiveness. You are a very creative person and often come up with imaginative ideas. People find you trustworthy because of the way you present yourself. You are an excellent communicator and an amicable person.

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