We have all experienced some paranormal experience at some point or another.

Although you think it was a ghost, it might have been your spirit guide trying to help you.

Have you ever felt like you were being watched, a sudden temperature change in a room, or had inanimate objects move?

Don’t be frightened; it might be your spirit guide. Spirit guides are spiritual beings that watch over our spirits and try and guide us when they have the opportunity. If you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, you might likely be experiencing these things.


These 4 things are signs that your spirit guide is trying to lead you to a particular path.

1: Feeling a Presence

If you feel as if you are being watched, then this is a significant indicator. It happens more often than we think too. This is a sign of a deceased loved one watching out for you or keeping up with what you are doing. A presence in the room with you indicates that someone is trying to contact you.

2. Hearing Your Name

Have you ever been walking in public and hearing your name blatantly called out? Perhaps even more than once. It usually catches your attention immediately, as intended. Your spirit guide is trying to get your attention! Open yourself up to the spiritual world and see if you can make contact.

3. Vivid Dreams or Memories

Although it is customary to dream, you may be experiencing abnormal dreams. They are incredibly vivid, and you remember them very well. It is almost as accurate as what is right in front of you. This can also happen with memories. If you have sudden memories but can’t precisely place where they came from, this is a key indicator that your spirit guide is trying to contact you.


4. Animals Will Act Out Around You

If you have ever been in the presence of a dog and had it scurry away from you for no reason, then it is likely that your spirit guide is nearby. Animals are often startled by the presence of paranormal entities because they can sense them more than humans do.

If you start noticing that animals are acting out of the norm, specifically in your presence, with no apparent reasoning, then you might want to pay attention to what your spirit guide might be trying to tell you.

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