4 Things You Need to Look for in a Psychic

While it’s obvious that psychics and mediums provide an invaluable service to those in need, it’s not exactly easy to determine which service provider to choose (especially online).

4 Things You Need to Look for in a Psychic

The world is going through some troubling times, so it should come as no surprise that people are turning to mediums, psychics, and fortune tellers for guidance. While it’s obvious that psychics and mediums provide an invaluable service to those in need, it’s not exactly easy to determine which service provider to choose (especially online).

There are countless online psychics, mediums, tarot readers, etc. to choose from, and nearly all of them offer different services, have different styles, and most important - charge different prices. While you can easily find reviews on a lot of these online providers (for example, Mysticmag wrote reviews on top vendors in their reviews section), you should also try to find out which option is best for your specific needs.

In the following sections, we outline exactly how to find a high-quality psychic, medium or fortune teller (or any other type of psychic service provider). This isn’t a decision that should be made lightly, so it’s important for you to take some time in choosing which psychic to go with. Using the tips posted below will ensure that you have a satisfying experience (and not one that makes you second guess your decision).

Avoid Using Psychics Over the Phone

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with using a phone psychic, doing so puts your session at a much higher risk of being inaccurate (or just plain wrong). This really depends on the actual service that you choose to go with because while some might have stringent employment standards, others will hire anyone that’s willing to take the job. Calling one of these types of services will almost guarantee that you receive a subpar reading, or most likely just one that’s wrong.

Ask Around for Recommendations

This strategy is very underused, and I’ve always wondered why. If you have friends that are into using psychics, you definitely need to be asking them for references. Getting recommendations from people you know in real life, and actually trust, is a lot better than calling a phone psychic (that’s for sure).

However, choosing a psychic nearly always comes down to trusting your intuition. What does your gut say about the psychic? Can you trust them? Do you have decent chemistry with them? These are important questions to ask, and should not be overlooked. People always try to skip right ahead to their readings, without taking the time to properly research a good psychic. We understand you want answers. But, it’s important not to rush into things, otherwise, you might end up getting the wrong type of answers.

Only Choose a Psychic That Does What You Want

Many people make the mistake of not choosing a psychic that can actually do the type of reading they’re looking for (e.g. tarot, angel card, etc.). Don’t expect to get any type of answer from a reading that you’re not even open to receiving. Remember, just because someone gives themself the title of “psychic” doesn’t mean that they will be able to contact your dead relatives, give an angel card reading, and also predict your future.

There are many different types of psychics, and not all of them are able to perform the same types of services as each other. For example, an angel card reader might be able to do tarot, but most likely won’t be able to be a medium for connecting with your dead grandmother. Of course, that’s an arbitrary example, but it still serves as one reason why you should only choose a psychic that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

Consider the Cost

One very important thing to keep in mind about choosing a psychic is how much money you’re willing to spend. Contrary to popular belief, higher-priced psychics don’t necessarily provide a better service, they just cost more. I’ve seen psychics cost upwards for $300 per hour and as low as $1 per hour. Just because a psychic charges a high hourly rate, doesn’t mean you’re going to get anything extra out of that session.

Choosing a psychic certainly doesn’t need to be as challenging as some might make it out to be. Ask your friends. Use the internet.

Whatever you do, don’t use a phone psychic and don’t pay $300 per hour for a subpar session. Remember, you should only choose a psychic that can perform the service you’re looking for, don’t settle for anything less!

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