5 Amazing Ways to Attract True Love into Your Life

Love is out there waiting for you! Learn how to love yourself and to attract the Love of your Life with these 5 amazing tips

5 Amazing Ways to Attract True Love into Your Life

The basis of love is self-love.

Until you learn how to love yourself, you will be wandering around the world in search of love. There is one true love and that is self-love.

You might have searched many websites in order to find how you can attract your true love, but it all be in vain if you don’t start loving yourself.

In this post, we will talk about attracting love and soul mate in your life. But we insist that you must read about self-love and first work on finding love within you.

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A soulmate relationship is usually thought to be about a romantic relationship. Whereas soul mates could be your best friend or your cousin whom you love so much and share everything from your heart.

But for this post, we will consider attracting romantic soul mate into your life.

A little quiz

First of all, check that on a scale of 1 – 5 {where 1 being ok and 5 being great happiness} how much you love yourself.

Loving yourself is about appreciating yourself even at your mistakes. Looking in the mirror and appreciate yourself without looking at any flaws.

  • If your score is somewhat 1 or 2 then you must first start learning ways to love yourself before attracting a lover in your life. First of all, learn to appreciate yourself with all those flaws. No one is perfect.

  • If you chose 3 as your score then you must a little harder to understand what is there that is stopping you from loving yourself.

  • If you choose 4 then you are almost there to being in love with yourself. Just a little more steps to reach there.

  • If you chose 5 on this scale then it means you are totally ready to attract a loving partner because you know what unconditional love is. And when you love yourself more and unconditionally, you open up all the doors to attract true love into your life.

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Now that you are ready to find ways to attract a truly loving partner in your life let’s see some ways.

1 Rose Quartz:

Crystals are a great gift from mother earth. And Rose Quartz Rose Quartzis one of the most beautiful crystals of Quartz family. If you haven’t seen rose quartz, then let me tell you that the beautiful crystal is of Pink color. And as we all know pink is a color of love. Rose quartz can be found in reddish pink to light pink colors. It is of high vibrating yet subtle energy. If you are a sensitive person, then you will easily feel the subtle yet powerful vibrations of this crystal.

Okay, so how to use crystals, hold on a piece of Rose Quartz and meditate on it with intentions to fill yourself with unconditional love. Once you feel meditate for a few minutes filling yourself with love then meditate on attracting your true love into your life.

2 Krishna and Radha:

Ascended Master Krishna is called to be the one to bring5 amazing ways to attract love in your life eternal love into everyone’s life. Hindu God Krishna is actually prayed with his feminine counterpart Radha. It is said that Krishna and Radha had never married but their love was eternal. They are prayed together to attract unconditional and infinite love. So, if you can find an idol or picture of Krishna and Radha together then buy it or print it and frame it. Keep it in your bedroom and also in your sacred space/altar.

Praying every day for them to being the same immortal love into your life. You can also keep a picture while going on a date to attract only the perfect/soul mate.

If you are already married, then keeping the picture in your bedroom, strengthen the loving bond between the couple. Their picture also fills the heart with love for self-love.

3 Archangels: Archangel Chamuel


Archangel Chamuel, who guides us to find whatever we’re seeking, including romance and partnership. Chamuel’s name means “One who seeks God”. He helps us to realize our true relationship with God. And he is the one who helps us in finding true love, including within ourselves. You can call upon him and let him know what kind of person do you want to live your life with.

Archangel Raguel, who instills harmony within relationships, ensuring peaceful interactions and communication. As the “friend of God” meaning of his name implies, Raguel is the angel to turn to for harmonious relationships. He brings forgiveness, peace, and calm between people and heals misunderstandings. He can also help you attract wonderful friends who treat you with respect and integrity. You can call upon Raguel during tough times in marital relationship as well.

4 Flowers:

Actually, you can use any bunch of flowers to bring love in 5 amazing ways to attract love in your lifeyour life because they connect us to nature and refresh our mind, but I found 2 flowers that are used to attract love in life.

Red Peony: Red Peonies create wonderful vibrations if we are dealing the matters of love and romance. I hadn’t tried this but the picture actually looks very attractive.


Cherry Blossoms: It is a great flower if you are longing to have a peaceful loving relationship in your married life. Cherry Blossoms are my favorite and I am dying to see them so cannot say much unless I can touch them but you can try and with faith see the positive results.

Rose: Rose is said to be a flower for love. So you can also try keeping rose around you. I can say that it’s smell is powerful to ease your nerves and help you stay calm.

If you cannot find these flowers you can find a picture and frame it in your room. Keeping pictures in your bedroom also create the same magic.

5 Law of Attraction:

Take a journal and write a vivid and detailed description5 amazing ways to attract love in your life of the perfect partner you want for yourself. Write in great detail. Let this description of this perfect partner to be so intense that whenever you read it you feel that person standing right in front of you. Let the negative voice that says you won’t able to find such person stay back. Write with love the description.

Once you finished writing take the time to read it. And change the script if you want.

Now each day spend some time reading this description of the ideal life partner and imagine him/her in front of you.

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Keep doing this with faith and belief. Do it as long as you can.

These five points are very effective and powerful.

You can use them all together or in combination. And you must try to find the best points to follow and work on them.

It might take some time to manifest the perfect love in your life, but your intent faith in this process will bring the perfect result for sure.

Belief and faith are the keys to these helpful ideas.

All these points and spiritual ways to bring loving relationship in your life can be used to create self-love and to any existing love relationship.

With this, you must know that your belief and trust plays an important role in attracting love in your life.

Now take the time to work on these given five points to attract true love into your life.

See what suits to your energy and leave that doesn’t resonate with your energy.

Let us know what else works for you. And which of these points bring the best vibrations to your energy.

Live in Light!

Source: spiritualcuratives

Author: Kirtti Sharma Handa.