Discover the Power of Healing Angels: Meet Five Divine Messengers

Did you know that there are many healing angels? Let’s see who they are and what they can do for you!

Discover the Power of Healing Angels: Meet Five Divine Messengers

Each angel in the Kingdom of Heaven has its duties and responsibilities.

But most of the angels have more than one duty and ability. Therefore, there is more than one Angel of Healing.

When you think about The Angel Of Healing, you think about Archangel Raphael. But did you know that there are many more healing angels? Let’s see who they are and what they can do!

The 5 Angels Of Healing

1. Archangel Raphael


His name means “God Who Heals,” and he is the supreme healer. He is also known as “The Divine Physician.” Archangel Raphael holds the divine healing energy. He can heal any illness and health condition. But he is also mighty. For example, he can banish the fallen angel Asmodeus. (As told in The Book Of Tobit.)

2. Guardian Angel Vehuiah

His name means “The Exalting God.” And he is the angel of willpower. He also brings new beginnings and motivation to start new projects. But Vheuiah is also a healing angel. He heals mental illnesses and depression.

3. Guardian Angel Rachael

His name means “God Who Quickly Forgives.” And he is the angel of submission and forgiveness. Rachael opens our consciousness and brings understanding. But he also heals. Rachael, just like Vehuaih, cures mental illness, depression, and anxiety.

Photo by Lukas Meier / Unsplash

4. Guardian Angel Melahel

His name means “God Who Deflects The Evil.” And he is one of the most potent healers. He also holds a vast knowledge of healing, which he shares kindly with doctors, healers and nurses. Melahel is the patron angel of the healers. And he heals any health problem. This powerful healer also brings you inspiration and wisdom to become a healer yourself.

5. Guardian Angel Lelahel

His name means “The Praiseworthy God.” And he is the holder of the Divine Light, capable of healing, repairing, and transforming everything. Therefore, Lelahel spreads and shares the healing and loving light of The Divine.

These are only five healing angels. But there are many more. Furthermore, if you have a severe health condition, you might need to pray to the most powerful healer, Raphael.

Or The Angel Of Healing, Melahel. For a little energy boost, the best choice is Lelahel. And for stress, depression, or other mental issues, there are Vehuiah and Rachael.

You don’t need a big altar, candles, crystals, burning sage, or others. A sincere prayer from your heart is enough for the angel to see that you need his healing energy.

But an altar is a must-have if you are passionate and need a miracle healing.

You will need candles and crystals in the angel’s color (Raphael – green). And maybe a picture of the angel.

In conclusion, if you need healing, these angels will help you.
But don’t forget they are always close and will help only when you ask.

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