Can we predict our future?

As human beings, we are all gifted with intuitive abilities.
But since childhood, we have been taught to trust only what is being considered as ‘logical’, ‘measurable’, ‘scientific’ and hence trustable. The ability to predict the future, to ‘sense’ things that have not happened yet (but that are going to happen) or even to develop intuitive abilities have been confined to the sidelines of science, or worse, labeled as tricks operated by wannabe magicians.

The Truth, however, is not quite as it seems. There’s more than meets the eye. We are all connected with the whole Universe. Those who have made a lifetime of the study of psychic phenomena suspect that most, if not all of us are psychic to one degree or another. The Universe is a network of energy. Energy knows no boundaries, nor is it something that can be ‘disconnected’ from anything.

In ancient times people used to rely on their emotions and feelings and acted accordingly. You might think: “It’s just because of their lack of scientific bases, so they were doing the best they could with what they had.” But think for a moment of the many times in which you ‘sensed’ something a few moments before that thing happened. Maybe it is a particular situation in which you call ‘coincidence’ the fact that you were thinking of a friend or a relative you had not heard from for a very long time and then, all of a sudden, your phone rings and that person is calling you. Not a moment before, not a second after that moment. It just happens.

You might think it is just a coincidence, but in reality, this could quite likely be an indication of the psychic phenomenon known as precognition - knowing something before it happens.

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It happens more often than we think. For example, do you often have dreams about yourself, friends and family, or even world events that soon come to pass in detail in real life? Truth is, you cannot label all of these happenings as coincidences.

However, most of the times our rational mind and our science-based education do not allow us to see those predictions as true signals that we should be able to observe and also to pay more attention to. Professor Zacks, a member of the research team at Washington University in St. Louis, explains that as we go through our day, we are always predicting the future in all kinds of ways, and we’re usually correct.

Another study carried out by researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois, the Università di Padova, Italy, and the University of California, compiled a test that measured body reactions just before being shown images. Some images were neutral; others were exciting. They found that the subjects’ physiological responses (heart rate, brain activity, and pupil dilation) would manifest up to 10 seconds before being shown a stimulating image.

These studies indicate that, even with the doubtful results being eliminated, a person’s subconscious displays an uncanny ability to predict the future.

In other words, our subconscious, which cannot express itself through recognizable thoughts, can gather together all the facts, knowledge and ideas that we have experienced in the past and present them to us as a gut feeling, or other apparently ’paranormal’ signs.

Truth is, you can predict your future more than you imagine.

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There are 5 clear signs that you can predict the future and have psychic abilities:

1. You know that your child, or someone very close to you, is in trouble even if they are physically far from you

We all worry about the safety of our loved ones, especially when they are separated from us. As a natural attitude, all parents carry a deep concern about their children when they are at school, off with friends, or on a school trip. But we abate our worry or concern with reason and keep telling ourselves that our loved ones cannot always be under our supervision. At least, this is what we all do at a rational level. But there have been many cases, however, in which a parent knows that her child has been injured or is in trouble.

This is no ordinary worry. The feeling is so intense and persistent that - unfortunately - in many cases, there has been an accident and the child is seriously injured. At a rational level, there is no explanation (and once again, we might think of it as a coincidence). But such a psychic connection has been documented between parent and child, spouses and partners, siblings and, of course, twins. If you have had such experience, you might be psychic and - relax -it is more common than you might think.

2. You already know a place before you go to it

Perhaps you have had the experience of going to a person's house that you've never been to before. It could be a friend’s friend you have never met in person and you barely heard of beforehand. But as soon as you enter that house, everything around you looks, sounds, or even smells so familiar. It’s an astonishing and sometimes a bit scary feeling of ‘déjà-vu.

You can move inside the house as if it was yours, or a house you have inhabited for a very long time. You know exactly where every room is, what it looks like, and how it is decorated. You may even know tiny details, such as an old record player in a room, or an object on a shelf. But you know you have never been there before.

At this point you could try to lie to yourself, claiming that it could be that you have been to the place before and have forgotten. Or perhaps you might think that is just a case of déjà vu--that eerie feeling that we've done or seen an exact thing before. But déjà vu is usually a fleeting feeling about a brief exchange of words, gestures or sights. It is rarely prolonged or so vividly detailed.

So, if you have this knowing feeling about a place you never been to before, that is a sign that you might be a psychic. Or that you have predicted that, at a certain point in time, you would have found yourself at a specific place, at a specific time.

3. You Have Prophetic Dreams

We all dream, and we all have a variety of dreams about people we know, be they friends or famous people, and even perhaps things that are going on in the world. According to, “There are many types of dreams including Prophetic Dreams which are also referred to as precognitive dreams.

Prophetic dreams are believed to be a form of extra-sensory perception (ESP) in which a person is said to perceive information about places or events through paranormal means before they happen.”

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See what your subconscious is trying to tell you through dream symbols
But if you often have dreams about yourself, friends and family, or even world events that soon come to pass in detail in real life, then you are having prophetic dreams. So despite what the skeptics may say many people have experienced prophetic dreams and believe that their dream can predict the future. Prophetic dreams are different from normal dreams because they are more lucid, vivid, detailed, and compelling. A good habit is to keep track of these dreams. You should write down these dreams right after you have them so you cannot forget them. From time to time, you could have a look at your dream journal and see how many of these dreams have become real in real life.

You will be surprised by how many of these dreams have manifested in real life!

4. You know a person without having met before

Have you ever have shaken the hand of a new acquaintance and instantly known all about them—where they're from, what they do and what kind of personality they have? And, most important of all, you can know with absolute certainty what they are going to say before they open their mouth?

It could be that you are just a highly perceptive person who can deduce information about a person just by looking at them, the way they are dressed, or the way they shake your hand.

But if you can go beyond this and know what they are exactly going to say out of any possible way of knowing, you might have the rare kind of extrasensory perception known as psychometry—and you might be psychic. And, again, this means you can predict the future.

5. You regularly tell your friends what will happen to them and it does happen all the time

Of course, we are not talking about warning a friend who is pouring some hot water from a teapot with disregard: “careful with that hot water, you’re gonna hurt yourself!”

We’re talking about the ability to tell friends and family about specific experiences they are going to have in the near future. If you can warn them ahead of time about dangers or circumstances that then happen to them, that’s a clear sign that you can predict the future. Are you right more often than not?

Because we know our friends and family well, it certainly is logical to assume that we can sometimes predict what might happen to them. But this goes to a deeper level. We're talking about strong feelings that you have. Feelings that seem to come out of nowhere and are not based on anything you know about the person. It's a powerful feeling and you are compelled to tell them about it, even warn them if necessary. If those events come to pass, you might be psychic.

Of course, the problem with this kind of presentiment is that although we might train ourselves to be aware of the signs, it is still difficult to be precise about details and timings. Besides, it is also difficult to remember those signs and dreams. Memory is unreliable, and we may forget what we dreamed of. The way to become more accurate is to keep a journal where you can explore how events turn out, or why you might have felt a certain way about a set of circumstances.

By keeping a journal, you can revisit your predictions and see if they came true.

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