These 5 Mantras Will Boost Your Self-Esteem And Make You Feel Worthy of a Wonderful Life


1. Looking at myself in the mirror,
I see a genuine, worthy,
and lovable person.


2. I graciously accept compliments.
I deserve all the compliments
I receive.


3. I liberate the power and the courage that have been hidden
inside myself.

A woman walking on a tightrope high up in the Yosemite Valley
Photo by Leio McLaren / Unsplash

4. I stop thinking:
I cannot do it.
I only think: everything
is possible for me.

A person standing on top of a ladder in the clouds.
Photo by Samuel Zeller / Unsplash

5. I possess
Divine Intelligence and Free Will.
I love the wonderful being that I am.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris / Unsplash

Source: 365 Mantras for Today