Sometimes we all need a little 'boost' to feel strong and self-confident. To face successfully every challenge in our lives.

These Mantras will help you to achieve the self-confidence and the strength you need to be an active part of this wonderful journey called life.

Original Photo by Anush Gorak from Pexels - Text written on top by human angels

Mantra #1

My destiny has not been written yet,

I do not resign myself to my fears.

I dare to live my dreams,

I dare to be great.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #2

I look on

the optimistic side of life.

I convert difficulties into opportunities.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #3

I release the belief

that I am not good enough.

I am fully confident

in my abilities to succeed.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #4

Looking at myself

in the mirror, I see a genuine,

worthy and lovable person.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #5

Consciously using

the power of my Divine Nature,

I decree the end of my suffering

and the beginning of my new joyful life.

The Mantras you just read are taken from our book 365 Mantras for Today


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