Are you tired of being emotionally and physically exhausted?

Would you like to regain your strength and your ability to heal form everything that has caused you to suffer? Here are 5 powerful mantras to help you boost your healing energy and live a life of wonders.

Sometimes we need to stop worrying, sit on a beach, relax, and heal our wounds

Pic by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Mantra #1

I clear my cellular memory

from the destructiveness

of my repressed emotions, from the poison

of unexpressed resentment and anger.

I heal my body and my life

through the power of forgiveness.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #2

With the healing power of forgiveness,

I overcome every mistake I have ever made.

With my compassionate heart,

I forgive myself.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #3

With compassion, I heal the wounds

of myself and others.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #4

I practice compassion,

this is how I heal my own

and others’ sufferings.

365 Mantras for Today

Mantra #5

I believe

in the healing power of Love.

Source: From the Book 365 Mantras for Today, a powerful source of healing and motivational mantras to make your life lighter and brighter.

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