Watch Out For These 5 Warning Signs From the Angels

Here are 5 signs that your angels are trying to communicate. Look out for them!

Watch Out For These 5 Warning Signs From the Angels

Your guardian angels want you to know they're here to support and guide you.

If you're wise enough to decide to work with your guardian angels, they will give you subtle signs to show the correct path.

These hints are slight yet unusual, so you'll be able to notice them if you focus.

How can the Angels tell me I am in danger?
Your angel will let you know. He will send you warning signs so that you can pay close attention to your choices or the things happening around you.

The angels always give us warnings, and we should not ignore them.

Here are 5 signs that your angels are communicating with you.


1. Hearing a loud, booming voice.

A loud and powerful voice is pretty hard to miss as a warning sign. That voice might tell us to be careful or not to do that specific thing.

For example, while driving, a friend of mine suddenly heard a resonating voice telling her to beware of an upcoming danger. She felt it and immediately asked everyone to fasten their seatbelts. Moments later, she had to make an abrupt stop as a speeding vehicle passed by. Some might have gotten hurt if she hadn't heard the warning sign.

So, keep yourself focused and pay attention to the loud voices.

2. Getting messages in dreams or visions.

When we're asleep, the angels contact us through dreams. They give us specific messages which manifest in our consciousness directly. For example, you might dream about a bad incident before it happens. Consider it like having a vision.

It's the Angels' way of telling you to be more careful and to make better choices to prevent the accident from happening.

3. That uncomfortable gut feeling.

The pit of the stomach is actually your second brain. It's where the solar plexus lies, which angels use to give you warning signs. If you suddenly have an uneasy feeling, nausea, or feel tightening, or even butterflies, it means that something isn't quite alright. Don't just ignore these sensations.

For example, feeling uneasy in the pit of your stomach when you're around a particular person might mean that the person is in danger.

Ask your angels to give you the strength to understand the situation and act accordingly.

4. Unexplained machine failures or delays.

An apparently 'strange' way Angels use to communicate with us and send us warnings is through...machine failures. Has it ever happened to you that machines or gadgets suddenly stop working, entirely out of the blue? It is an unmistakable sign that your angel has sensed danger. Magically, as soon as the threat has passed, machines start working again as if nothing happened. You might also face unexpected delays in your journeys. For example, a road is suddenly closed on your way home from work. This might seem a bit frustrating, but it's a good sign.

The angels are buying you more time to reflect on your choices and the decisions you will make to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

5. Sudden sickness or people's warnings.

Personal accounts of 9/11 victim families say how they woke up having a severe sickness out of nowhere. It was strange, as they were feeling good at all levels the day before. Some chose to ignore it. Some others, who decided to take a day off, stayed away from the disaster and thus saved their lives.

Also, your Angels give you warning signs through other people's words. For example, a friend forbids you to take a specific route or to avoid a particular person who could be potentially harmful.

As shown in the examples above, Guardian Angels give us many warning signs so that we can think deeper, assess our decisions, and be careful.

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