Are your deceased loved ones trying to send you a message?

We all have intuitive abilities or a sixth sense and usually this can be triggered by the passing of a loved one.

Often when you hold a strong physical bond with someone it makes it easier to connect with them in spirit form. This is why so often, loved ones who have passed will try to make contact to deliver a message or to let you know that they are ok.

Usually within 7-10 days of passing your loved one will be able to connect with you most strongly however, that doesn’t mean that they won’t always be around.

Sometimes when a loved one crosses over into spirit form they may become a type of spirit guide who will always be there by your side. It is hard to say whether all loved ones who pass become guides, but usually if you are open and aware, you may receive some type of confirmation.

Death only signifies the end of the physical body, the soul however, lives on and is forever eternal.

In fact, our soul is indestructible.

Often when a loved one passes they want to communicate this, they want to communicate that they are still around and are watching over you or pass on a message.


Here are the 5 most common signs that a loved one is trying to make contact:

1. Visitation Dreams

Seeing a loved one in a dream is often a sign that they are trying to connect with you. You may need to analyse the symbols or messages in the dream to see what information your loved one may be trying to deliver to you.

A peaceful or happy dream may be a sign that they are safe and happy on the other side, whereas more ominous dream may be a warning or a caution that your loved one is sending to you.

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2. Sensing their Presence, Voice or Smell

It is not uncommon, especially in the first week of passing to feel the presence of your loved one next to you. You may also feel the presence of your loved one holding your hand or embracing you with a kiss or a hug.

Along with feeling their presence you may also hear their voice calling your name, singing or delivering to you some type of message. You may hear this voice out-loud, in your mind or you may just receive a feeling of knowing.

It is also not uncommon to smell the signature scent of your loved one. This is usually a sign that they are around and are watching out for you or trying to get your attention.

3. Strange Electrical Activity

Spirits have the ability to interfere with electrical currents because they are pure energy.

Often when a loved one is trying to get your attention they can do this by flicking lights on and off, manipulating electric devices or creating static through radios or TV’s.

Often when this occurs, your loved one may just be trying to get your attention or they may just be experimenting with their abilities. If they had a sense of humor, they may also do this to get a reaction out of you.

Usually this type of activity is short lived however, if you notice it going on for an extended period and there is no logical reason as to why, it may be that your loved one is trying to communicate an important message to you.


4. Seeing Feathers, Coins, Animals & Flowers

Loved ones like to place significant objects on your path to remind you of their presence. These objects usually include feathers, coins, animals or flowers, however they can also be objects that were sentimental to them or you.

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Coins are commonly used as they are shiny and instantly attract your attention. Animals like butterflies and birds can also have the same effect, especially if they appear in your house or an odd location.