5 Psychic Signs Someone is Thinking of You

Is it possible to know through psychic signs someone is thinking of you? Very possible!

5 Psychic Signs Someone is Thinking of You

Is it possible to know through psychic signs someone is thinking of you? Very possible!

Do you ever get this urge while enjoying some moments of solitude, or while you are absorbed in work, that you should check up on someone, or even have this profound thought about them that you cannot switch from?
We all have these strange moments that we cannot understand as they take place, especially when this person could be someone you have not talked to or thought of in a long time, or maybe an old romancethat you thought you got over but you find coming back to your mind with intensity.

You probably had one of these occurrences after which you came to communicate with or meet the person and realise that they were thinking about you themselves, maybe even around the same time, you were thinking about them.

It feels in such moments as if we have certain psychic abilities. Well, that is not entirely false. We all have an ability called “clairsentience“, which allows us to feel the emotional state of other people, especially those to whom we are, or once were, strongly attached.

This happens telepathically, without us using our senses, and even from hundreds or thousands of miles away. This is a state of emotional communication.


What you need to know is that we can all come more in touch with this ability of ours, and with some signs, be able to tell if we are on somebody’s mind. And, with a higher level of mindfulness contact with ourselves, this ability can be strengthened.

Here are five psychic signs someone is thinking of you:

Feeling unexpected emotions
If you are hanging out with your friends one day, you are all laughing, cracking jokes, or even lost in a euphoric fit of dancing at a club, then all of a sudden this uncalled surge of sadness or fear falls on you out of nowhere. You can very possibly be crossing someone’s mind at the moment. This can be true if you start thinking of somebody at that same time.


Getting a sudden itch in one of your eyes
Of course, if you have an allergy or a particular illness in this eye, you can exclude this as a sign. But if you do not, and you suddenly start getting an intense itching, or even twitching, in one of your eyes, this is again a sign that you are on someone’s mind. But, believe it or not, the eye that gets the itch determines whether they are having negative or positive thoughts, and it even differs for a man than for a woman.

For example, if you as a man start getting this sign in your right eye, then you are being praised by someone, whereas the left eye tells that they are not so happy with you. This works the other way around for women.

Mid-meal discomfort
If you are eating on your own, and out of the blue you start choking, coughing, or even feel like some of the food will not go smoothly through your throat, this is probably because your subconscious mind is building up the tension. That tension is one of your signs.

Stumbling upon a white feather
If you lost a loved one who was very close to you, finding a white feather in your way is a sign that they are thinking about you in the other world. This was even said by many to have happened to them right after their loss.


When your cheeks burn
That one is probably one of the most subtle psychic signs someone is thinking of you. If you get a burn on your cheek without being in a socially-awkward situation or having a fever, then it probably means that you are being bad-mouthed by somebody somewhere. So, the burning cheeks are somehow like them slapping you in the face from afar.

Sudden Sneeze
This is one of the big ones for many people, out of nowhere you sneeze hard, a big achoo!. It means someone is thinking of you, most often this indicates they miss you.

When Your Ears Burn
Another sign someone is thinking of you or someone who has a crush on you is when your ears burn. This is a great sensation to feel.

This is one of the negative signs. When you hiccup it means someone is complaining about you, which involves drama.

They might lie to make themselves look good. If you get hiccups around a specific person, they could be the one complaining.

Receiving Telepathic Signs


Whatever may happen in the physical plane also occurs in the spirit realm. You know that everything comes from within.
Everyone we know is connected via energy cords. You can gain awareness when someone is thinking about you through telepathic connection or messages.
When you have a powerful connection with a certain person you can recognise if they are reaching out or thinking about you.
Empaths usually have this connection naturally. They can feel other people’s emotions and know which energy that person is carrying.
If you are psychic or empathic and you get a sure hunch that someone is thinking about you or you are thinking about them.
Then they are also thinking about you. The energy is picked by your senses to know that thought occurred.

Sensing Through Dreams
When you are dreaming. You might see that person and the actions they are committing. Also see colours, numbers which are related to them. You should share the dream with them, that’s the only way they may acknowledge they were thinking of you.

Physical Sensations Reveal When Someone is Thinking of You

It had been revealed by many that physical sensation was the only way they were able to tell when their partner was thinking of them.
Whether you experience a rub on your back or arm. Maybe a fleeting touch of the cheek or just an overall warm sensation.
People have acknowledged when they were down; they felt an uplifting of energy or overall feeling.

Which related to their partner thinking about comforting them when they were not around.
You can feel physical sensations, psychic signs and telepathic messages when someone is thinking about you.

They are all interconnected.
The next time you feel any of these sensations you may want to pause and think for a moment.

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