Do you believe that Angels exist?

I absolutely know that the Angels do exist and are available to us, as I have been working with the Angels for many years. I know when they are present as I can feel a buzz and my energy becoming stronger! It feels differently depending on what I need support with at the time. I can feel immense love, a huge sense of peace, a burst of empowering energy or the giggles if I am craving some light-hearted laughter!

Angels are from another dimension, a higher dimension! They have to really step their energy down to come into our third dimension, as they hold incredible power! They are vibrating at a much higher energy level, so our third dimensional eyes cannot often see them, however many people do develop the ability to sense and see angels, especially their guardian angels. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of Angels just waiting for your call for assistance.  And how they love to come rushing forward to assist us all.

It is so simple to begin to work with these beautiful beings and why wouldn’t we? They can give us so much assistance in our daily lives.  There are Angels for everything you can think of, even for cleaning your car and washing up.   Angels to assist you with studying, keeping you safe on your journey and keeping you and protection for your children when they head off to school. Angels for different sports, business Angels, legal Angels, Angels for healing, peace and harmony and so the list goes on and on.

Perhaps you have been thinking of inviting Angels into your life. Or maybe you feel the time is right for you to begin to call the Angels in!

Here are 5 simple steps to inviting and working with angels in your daily life to create miracles:

Step 1

Angels can do their best work when you are in a quiet place! It is always a good idea to sit quietly and breathe gently into your heart for a minute. This calms your mind and body so you can move into a relaxed and peaceful place.

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Step 2

Begin to pour love from out of your heart visualising rays of pink and white pouring to the Angels (however you picture the Angels to look in your imagination) gently enfolding them. Pouring love is a wonderful way to get their attention.

Step 3

Make a call to the Angels to come to you and assist you, guide you & protect you or your loved ones. To comfort someone, or give courage and inspiration or even just to be your companion.

The following is just an idea of how you may choose to make your call to them, which you can of course change to your own words.

“Precious Angels, as I pour my love to you, descend, descend, descend and come to ……………now. Guide them/protect them/assist them/comfort them. You can look and see the help they most require at this time as I call for all your assistance. Be so close to them and guard and guide them throughout this day and all their days ahead.

I thank you Precious Angels, and I bless you for this great service you offer us.”

Step 4

Take a deep breath and remain still and in peace for a little while. Be open and receptive, so the Angels can pour their Blessings to you or to others.

Step 5

Get on with your day knowing that the Angels are on the job!

Hand over your worries fully to the angels. Knowing that they are on the job!

Keep making the call daily or even a few times a day, as the energy builds a momentum each time you make the call.

Have fun with the Angels!  It doesn’t all have to be so serious.  Their energy is light and uplifting.  You can dance with them, run with them, jump with them, they love to be our companions, and they love to be around the open, innocent energy of children.

There is no such thing as negative, fallen or dark Angels! Their energy is too high and pure to be ever be able to engage in anything negative.

So anything you are asking of the Angels must be of a positive nature as they just won’t respond to any negativity.

I love to ask the Angels to go ahead of me and my family each day and harmonise and prepare the way ahead of us. I always start each day by calling for protection around myself and my family as we head out into the world.

Need some inspiration?

Working with Angel cards can be a beautiful way to start to connect to Angels. Bringing a divine picture and representation to your mind. Allowing the angels to connect with you and your young ones through calming and inspiring daily messages.

Call on the Angels to inspire you and bring about new creative ideas for writing a book or deciding on your next step in life.

Start to look out for beautiful gifts and messages which may be coming your way!

I have had answers on the side of a bus, or something someone has said to me, a phrase in a book, an advert in a lift, words on a t-shirt someone is wearing.  There are a million ways the Angels will try to communicate with you, so be open to the answers or suggestions.

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