5 Steps to Communicate With Departed Loved Ones

Archangel Azrael is known as “The Angel of Death.” He helps souls cross over comfortably to the other side. He also helps these souls communicate with near and dear ones on Earth.

5 Steps to Communicate With Departed Loved Ones

5 Steps to Communicate With Departed Loved Ones With The Help Of Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael is known as “The Angel of Death.” He helps souls cross over comfortably to the other side. He also helps these souls communicate with near and dear ones on Earth. People who are alive can also take his assistance to establish communication with the souls of their departed loved ones.

This kind of communication should only be done only to express such things that would help us and also help the souls of our loved ones. Positive and kind words that were unexpressed when the person was alive can certainly be expressed. Asking for forgiveness for any pain we caused them and sending our love is also perfectly fine.


In short, any message that comes from the heart is good. Love is the key.

If what you wish to convey is not coming from a place of love (that is, it is coming from the Ego), don’t express it. Your intuition will guide you.

Here is a brief outline of the process-

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  1. Keep a piece of paper and pen with you. Then sit in a quiet place where you will be left undisturbed. You can play soothing music and also light a candle if it helps.
  2. Take a few deep breaths and get into a meditative state. Visualise the room being flooded with light. You can also draw any symbols that you are guided to in the air.

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  1. Bring your awareness to your heart. You can place your palm on the heart to connect with it. What message of love does your heart wish to send to the soul of your loved one? Start writing the message on the piece of paper. Keep your words positive and loving.
  2. Call upon Archangel Azrael. If you work with angel card decks, pick any card of Archangel Azrael from the deck to connect with him. If you wish to, you can also place the card along with your piece of paper. Request him to take this message to your loved one. You can also request Azrael to bring a message back to you from your loved one.
  3. Express your gratitude to the Archangel for his assistance. Put the piece of paper away in a safe place.

Thereafter, notice any messages you may receive from the other side. These messages may come in the form of feelings- you may feel a deep sense of peace or you may feel a surge of love.

Unhealed feelings that you may have carried about your past relationship with this person are suddenly healed. You may also receive messages in the form of words that you read somewhere or as songs that play on the radio or television. It may also be in the form of visits from certain animals or birds. Each one’s experience is unique. You will know it is a message for you when you receive it.

Do not analyse the message by allowing your logical mind to kick in. Trust your feelings and accept the message you get.

Once you have received your message, discard the paper by either burning or burying it.

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This technique is particularly useful when we wish to express love and forgiveness to our departed loved ones. When people are alive, we sometimes take them for granted. We may also focus only on the negative aspects of their personality.

And when the person is no more, we realise their value and also recognise their positive traits. This tends to bring up feelings of sadness and guilt in us. However, feeling sad or guilty does not help anyone. As we grow spiritually, it is important to remind ourselves constantly that the core of our being is pure love.

Anything that is not love is not who we are.

Due to our identification with the ego, all of us err from time to time. So, if you feel sad or guilty about something you did or did not do (or something you said or did not say) when a loved one was with you, it is not too late. It is possible to express your feelings even now.

Rest assured that the power of love will heal everything that is unhealed in all of space and time and restore the flow of love in your relationship.

Originally written by Haripriya Suraj
via reikiwithfriends
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