7 Signs You Are A Light Bearer Destined To Enlighten The World

In a world full of confusion and change, a light bearer is the only kind of person who can guide and enlighten humanity. Find out if you are a light bearer:

7 Signs You Are A Light Bearer Destined To Enlighten The World

In a world full of confusion and change, a light bearer is the person destined to enlighten our path.

Light bearers carry the mission of giving positive guidance as our world undergoes a positive shift from the traditional way of living to a world that is more conscious and vibrates on a higher vibration.

This major change isn’t easy and may have the tendency to put us off guard. In moments of unawareness, we may doubt ourselves and question our existence.

Hence, light bearers keep us stay on track through the conflicts and separation in this world.

Because we all have a unique purpose on Earth, not all of us are called to walk down the light bearer’s path.


But the ones who are destined to enlighten the world have 7 special traits.
If you still don’t know your purpose see if you find yourself in these!

Here Are The 7 Signs You Are A Light Bearer:

1. You don’t feel superior to others, but you feel more powerful.
You have the urge of making a positive impact in this world, and you know this subconsciously.

2. You feel the urge of manifesting the divinity within you.
You feel there is a certain thing inside you that can change the world. Like a fire that can enlighten all of the world, but even you are not aware of what this thing exactly is. You want to project this special thing and you try to integrate it in all your activities.


3. You feel now is the time for you to spread peace, light, and unity.
You hate drama and negativity and whenever there is a conflict you are the person that tries to calm things down. You want to connect different individuals because you believe their chemistry can be powerful. You are always positive and joking around with others.

4. You have your own beliefs and practices.
The might differ from that of others, yet follow a constant code that is common to anyone regardless of religious affinity or spiritual groups. This code stems from the Divine who is the Source of all and encompasses all.

5. You are endowed with incomparable patience.
You have patience and understanding that transcends the challenges of daily life. You see the greater purpose of things and the eternal love that beats within each life.


6. You move with grace and serenity.
Despite your own life challenges, you’re able to offer love and light to every living being. Even if your life may be at risk, you go out and protect all life forms. You defend them with all the best that you can because you believe we are all one.

7. You feel that you are here to bring balance.
You have a strong tendency to preserve life and bring balance to humans and nature alike. You do this by living your advocacy of unity each day. And you never stop knowing yourself and evolving into the best that you can be.

If all of the above resonates with you, then embrace your light bearer’s path. You alone are destined to live it and no one could do it for you. You are the beacon in this world. Claim your light and allow your soul to light up this dark world.

Source: This article was originally written and published in June, 2018 on lifecoachcode