7 Signs You Are An Old Soul. Are You An Old Soul?

You have a soul that has been reincarnated an innumerable amount of times over and over again. What kind of Old Soul are you?

7 Signs You Are An Old Soul. Are You An Old Soul?

This life ain’t your first rodeo, in that your soul has lived through many past lives before, and so this isn’t your first time here on Earth.

Every single person alive right now has a soul that has been reincarnated an innumerable amount of times over and over again. Each has been part of an infinite, universal cycle of life, death, birth, and re-birth that is forever ongoing.

Reincarnation means to be reborn again and it centers around the belief that after a person dies their soul continues on to start life over again.

The only death that occurs is that of our physical bodies, which are the vessels for our souls, and when the body dies the soul leaves it to be re-born into another body.

Those who accept reincarnation believe that this cycle has been repeated for millions of years. As time continues on, so do our spirits. Each time that our soul passes on it evolves and becomes more knowledgeable, wiser, mature, and above all else, more spiritually connected to the universe.

That’s part of why we notice how certain people seem to be old souls, we are recognizing the energy and wisdom from their past lives manifesting in their present one, and attribute it to them being an old soul.

There are many people in our lives who are old souls and you may even be one. They’re often highly intellectual and wise beyond their actual birth age because their innate knowledge has given them a developed sense and understanding of the world. Many tend to be quiet, preferring to observe and learn at a distance, while internalizing the lessons and experiences they go through in life. They also radiate at a stable and peaceful frequency that is both calming and relaxing to be around.

It naturally follows that people who are old souls experience the world differently. How they view and interpret things is what sets them apart from what younger souls go through. Simply put, old souls do things their own special way.


Below are some of the types of ways where this shines through and if these signs are true for you, it’s highly likely that you are an old soul:

1. Foresight

Old souls intrinsically seem to know and can sense what is going to happen before it does. This precognition may come in a dream or a vision, as a gut feeling, or it could be experienced as déjà vu. Either which way, the gift of natural foresight is a sign of a mature and developed soul.

2. Empathy

The older one’s soul is, the better they are able to relate to how others are feeling and what they’re going through. If you find that you’re often deeply affected by those around you and take on the emotions and feelings that others are experiencing as if they were your own, then you are truly an empath. This shows a connection with the universe at large and it becomes second nature for an old soul to plug into other people’s energy when they have lived so many lives.

3. Self-Awareness

Old souls know exactly who they are and don’t pretend or try to be anything else. They are conscious, aware, balanced, peaceful, and comfortable in their own skin. They don’t delude themselves or get caught up in their head and this accurate sense of self-awareness and intuition is something that only comes with the passage of many lifetimes.

4. Independence

Old souls do not rely on or follow others. They blaze their own path through life and often go in the most unexpected directions. That’s because they seek happiness, spiritual growth and wellness, and self-realizations. Material things, power, and success that is measured by money has no place in their lives. With each passing life you live, the more spirituality enlightened you become.

5. Drama-Free

Old souls make friends easily and get along well with just about anyone because they’re able to blend in and adjust to new situations or surroundings. They really don’t like to make a scene or stand out, instead they much prefer hanging back and observing from afar. With their relaxed, non-threatening demeanor and neutral stance when it comes to petty drama and fights, old souls keep it drama-free as much as they possibly can.

6. See the Big Picture

Old souls know that in the grand scheme of things, we are all interconnected in ways that no one can truly understand or even begin to imagine. They are aware of how tedious and unrelenting everyday life can become and strive to avoid falling into the ego-trap, where vanity and self-centeredness rule. They don’t pay much mind to the here and now, rather they think of the future and all of the possibilities that await. They are mindful of the consequences of their thoughts and actions, which is what gives them a stronger understanding of the wider world and universe at large.

7. Peaceful

Old souls know how to calm their thoughts and relax their minds. They are at one with themselves and the world and choose to go with the flow rather than fight it. They know that stressing out, worrying, and fighting solves nothing.

Instead, they strive to keep their mind, body and soul balanced by doing things like practicing mindfulness and staying happy, active, and spiritually fulfilled.

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