7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying to Contact You

Would you like to know how your Guardian Angel is trying to contact you? When angels contact us, they send us 7 surefire signs of their presence.

7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying to Contact You

How do you know if (and how) your Guardian Angel is trying to contact you?

Angels are spiritual beings that guide us all along our life path. Although they have a much different frequency compared to humans, their guidance comes in the form of channeled messages, dreams, and directly receiving insight.

Therefore, there are many signs which show us that the angels are around us and they are trying to contact us. These signs may seem small and meaningless initially, but they may increase in frequency and size over time.

The Angels send us signs, a symbolic reminder of their love and support

Therefore, we present to you some of the most common signs from the angels. You may start noticing these signs because you need some validation or an answer to a question you may have asked, or they may serve to simply remind you your angels are with you.

7 Common Angel Signs

1: Feathers

If you find feathers on your path, it is one of the signs of the angels. This is a fantastic reminder that angels are near, loving, and supporting you. If you experience this situation, then enjoy this powerful angelic sign.

2: Clouds

If you notice a cloud that looks like an angel, it means that your angel is near to you, and in this way, it is showing its presence.

3: Scents

If you feel a lovely sweet scent and cannot identify the source, it indicates that your angel is near you.

4: Babies and Pets

The guardian angel is present if you notice a baby looking up, smiling at the ceiling, or excitedly gazing into the air. When an angel is present, babies and pets seem to be at ease.

5: Music

If you hear angelic singing or a nice sound that you cannot explain, it may be a clear sign from your angel.

6: Sparkles of Light

If you start noticing orbs, unexplained shimmers of light, or flashes of color, your guardian angel is near. If you experience this, you should close your eyes, relax, and breathe because your angel is trying to bring you healing, upliftment, and rejuvenation.

7: Coins

If you keep finding coins, it is a sign from your angel and a symbol of support. So, if you find coins, you should know you’re loved, supported, and guided.

Call the Angels, pray to them. Your wishes and dreams are immediately fulfilled as soon as you realize the power of teaming up with your Angels. Nothing is impossible for them to handle.

Be Grateful

To thank the Angels is really important, but not for them because giving is their true nature. They give for the pure joy of giving. To thank them is important for you because gratitude always brings more blessings. The feeling of gratitude is like a signal you send to the Universe showing that you are open to receiving.

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