9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Our Emotional States

Neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ... Every kind of pain is directly linked to a specific emotional state.

9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Our Emotional States

Physical pains are directly linked to our emotional state. More often than not, we are stuck in the juggernaut of the boredom of modern lifestyle. We tend to be on an emotional rollercoaster almost all of the time. The term “mood swings” is not an old one.

It is  a modern concept and showcases our fractured emotional health. This fractured emotional health in turn paves way for physical ailments and otherwise unexplainable pains.

Western medicine overlooks the connection between emotions, spirit and the body.

In the list below are nine different kinds of pains that are directly linked to different emotional states of human beings:

1. Pain in the head

Headaches indicate stress. The work we do all day and our mental pressures show up in the form of headaches. Take it easy and relax.

2. Neck pain

Neck pain, amusingly enough, is a sign that you have a hard time forgiving people. If you constantly feel such a pain, it could be because of the grudges you hold against people.

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3. Shoulder pain

The phrase “shouldering a problem” is not an empty signifier. Usually pain in the shoulders indicate emotional burden that you may be carrying around.

4. Pain in the upper back

This is indicative of the lack of emotional support in your life. You may be feeling unloved and unwanted lately to be experiencing such a pain.

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5. Lower back pain

You may want to consider a financial planner or aid here. This pain suggests that you are always worried about money.

6. Elbow pain

Stiffness in arms is clearly suggestive of stiffness in life as well. You may be very resistant to change in your life.

7. Pain in your hands

This pain could be because of you not reaching out to others the way you should.

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8. Pain in your hips

Usually pain in the hips indicates your inability to move on in life.

9. Knee pain

This suggests a huge ego. Humble yourself down. Respect yourself and others alike.

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