The Ultimate Guide to letting go of the ego

Are you tired of living an ego-driven life? Learn how to overcome the ego once and for all with the knowledge of the Oneness

The Ultimate Guide to letting go of the ego

Are you tired of living an ego-driven life?

Learn how to overcome the ego once and for all with the knowledge of the Oneness

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The Oneness and the ego

The Oneness is complete life, infinite, undivided and indivisible, always present. All life, despite having many shapes and forms, is One. The ego is the illusion of separation that makes us believe that there is a distinction between inside and outside, between us and others. The ego is a framework of habits, fears, judgments and prejudices that we call personality or character and that imprisons the accomplishment of our true nature. When, looking at our lives, we become aware that we are all One, we realize that there is no separation between us and the world. We also realize that the people we have met in our lives are merely our projections, as we are theirs. To a greater or lesser extent, each reflects a part of us: our light and our shadow.

We are One with everything that happens, and everything that happens is part of our co-creation.

Our thoughts and our emotions are powerful and infallible energy fields that attract complementary energies. This is how we co-create every moment in our lives.

When an event enters into our field of experience, it means that it is co-created by us and by all those who, together with us, are experiencing it. The quality and the intensity of the experience depends on the quality and intensity of the energy that everyone puts into play in any particular situation. Our outer world is merely a projection of our inner world. Each of us creates and looks at the world through our vision of ourselves. Each of us sees the world in the way in which we expect to see it.

As we are, so is the world. As is the world, so are we.

Every experience in our lives has a message for us. Listen and learn from it. If we listen with humility to everything that happens, even the smallest and apparently mundane events, then we will never repeat the same experiences that have already caused us to suffer many times before. We will find ourselves walking straight along our path of consciousness and wisdom. If, for example, we and someone else accidentally witness an argument between two people, it means that both we and all of the other people involved as quarrelers or witnesses have co-created and unconsciously co-operated to make this event happen at a particular point in time. Nevertheless, our energy was not strong enough to make us the primary character of the event. The feeling of anger and aggression, whether perceived, latent or repressed, or in the process of being healed and released, have led both us and others to involve themselves in this event.

Different people, who were emanating energy fields with the same frequency, the frequency of anger, but with different intensity, have unconsciously co-created and drawn themselves into the same experience.

This is how everything in the Uni-verse happens: nothing happens by chance because everything is always co-created.

From the perspective of the ego, we can, with shallowness, think that we are there by chance, and we can observe this event with contempt and annoyance as if it was nothing to do with us. From the perspective of the Oneness, we look at it with an open heart. We know that what we see is related to us simply because it entered into the field of our experience, even if only for an instant. It would not have come into our lives if it were not for our projection. At the same time, we could not be in somebody else’s experience if we were not their projection.

As we can only know our faces by looking at ourselves in the mirror, so we can only know ourselves (and not what our ego imagines us to be) by looking at what every person and every situation in our lives reflects back upon us. If we like someone, it is because we recognize in them those qualities that we prize within ourselves. If someone hurts or annoys us, it is because we see projected onto them those traits that we do not want to recognize within ourselves.

The intensity of our pain or our annoyance, be it great or small, is a direct measure of the strength of our resistance to recognizing them as a part of ourselves.

The reflection in the mirror can only be changed by changing the object that is reflected. So when we want to change something that we do not like in our lives or that makes us suffer, we must change from within, and our lives will change as a natural consequence. The mirror is always honest, it never lies, and it never errs from the truth.

Our complicated relationships, our problems, our obstacles, our failures are infallible signs that point to something within ourselves that needs to be observed, rebalanced and healed through love.

When we take responsibility for our projections, accepting others as our mirrors and recognizing ourselves through them, that is the moment in which our lives start to change. We suddenly stop being concerned by what was troubling us in others. It may happen either that others spontaneously change their behavior towards us, or that for some unexpected event life sets them apart from us. For example, they move to another town or country, change their work or change home.

Every time that we change something within ourselves, something also immediately changes in the world around us, because the entire Uni-verse synchronizes and realigns. As within, so without. As above, so below. If we observe everything that happens as a projection of our own, taking responsibility without separating ourselves through judgment, we can transform every new experience into wisdom.

What was once unconsciously wielding its dark power over our lives, is instantly unveiled, enlightened and healed through the bright light of consciousness.

Every event and every person that comes into your life are divine instruments. They always come at the right moment, to teach you something when you are ready to learn it. Everyone is both your mirror and your master. In the Oneness everyone is another you. You can only really love someone else when you have this profound truth deeply rooted within your heart. When you judge someone, you are judging yourself. When you hate someone, you are hating yourself. When you love someone, you are loving yourself. This is the most important of the keys to the Oneness. Nobody will ever betray, humiliate or hurt you if you have not first betrayed, humiliated or hurt yourself.

Our thoughts and our emotions are powerful and infallible energy fields that attract complementary energies. This is how we co-create every moment in our lives.

Other people, in the role of our mirrors, are neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong, they are beyond all judgment and merely reflect what we project onto them. Also, the pain that is caused by our mirrors is a gift to be accepted with gratitude, a gift of love that gives us the opportunity to observe and experience our emotional wounds, and to transcend them. If we learn to observe others as our mirrors to understand who we are, we become deeply aware of our scars and the limiting beliefs through which we co-create our lives.

If, for example, our scars come from issues of abandonment, we co-create through the limiting belief that “all those who love me will, sooner or later, leave me”. Then we continue to attract people and situations that will make us experience abandonment until the time we are no longer afraid of it.

If our limiting belief is that others are not trustworthy, we will continuously experience other people’s unreliability and, in addition, we will also suffer delusion and betrayal until we learn to trust ourselves, and as a consequence of this, to trust others.

Knowing the ego is the first step to freeing ourselves from its power.
Knowing the ego enables us to understand how the illusion of separation works, nourishing itself through our judgments, our fears, our emotional wounds, and our limiting beliefs. Knowing the ego allows us to realize who we are not and to remember who we Are. Beyond the illusion of duality and separation, there is only the light of our Being that shines for eternity. Our inner light never stops shining, even in our darkest moments, even when we cannot see it because we are blinded by suffering. Our inner light has always been there, and it will be there forever. When the consciousness of being one with everything begins to flow again, like blessed water it fills every fissure, it miraculously heals every wound. It brings light again to all that was shrouded in darkness. Everything that happens is a result of the perfect plan of love in which the free will of every soul coincides with the Uni-versal will. In fact, the distinction between our will and the Uni-versal will does not exist; it is solely a creation of our minds. They are both mirrors and reflections of each other.

In the Uni-verse, everything is synchronized. Everything, whether animate or inanimate, is an active part of a Uni-versal plan. For example, you are driving on a narrow road in the mountains, and you are about to pass over a small bridge that due to an unseen damage to its structure is about to collapse. All of a sudden, a large rock falls from above blocking your path. It is precisely this rockfall, an apparently fortuitous event, that as a blessing stops you from crossing the bridge at the moment of its collapse. Nothing ever happens by chance. Nothing ever happens because one single thing has made it happen: everything happens because the whole Uni-verse has co-created it, cooperating in its manifestation.

Transform judgment into conscious presence; be present, live with an open heart. Observe reality without judging it and you will realize that love is the only reality.

Everything is love, you are love, and everything else is an illusion.

Oneness is Unconditional Love that excludes nothing and includes everything: the earth, the sky, every physical being and every spiritual entity. Our world and every other world, our Uni-verse and every other Uni-verse. Oneness is love: when the ego separates itself from the Oneness, it also separates itself from love. The ego forces love into boundaries and limitations. The ego feels wounded by something or someone and as a consequence protects itself by placing conditions on love, using the concepts of right and wrong, of good and evil. However, if we judge love, how can we truly love ourselves and others?

In the Oneness there are neither good nor bad people, neither victims nor persecutors, only bonds of love entered into by souls before incarnating. In love for love’s sake. Every person who has made us suffer has done it for love. So have we, when we have hurt someone, we have done it for love. Only when we look back at our lives through the eyes of love, beyond ego and judgment, can we realize that behind appearances, no one has ever actually borne us ill-will. Everyone has, always and in any case, loved us and we have loved them. We can also see that every person who has arrived in our lives has come to help bring to completion our mutual covenant of souls. And every person that has left our lives has gone because the soul contract between us and them has been brought to completion.

In the next life I will make you suffer, I will be the mirror of your fears, but I will also be the instrument of your awakening. Remember that when the time comes: the faster you remember our covenant of love, the less suffering you will experience.” And when the reflections that as mirrors we emanate are cleared of every fear, of every emotional wound, and of every limiting belief, we finally become whole and pure mirrors of light.

Use the reflections of what you see to observe and recognize yourself. We are all One and others are simply reflections of ourselves.

When the mirror is cleared, the reflection becomes clean too.

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