Positive Affirmations To Repeat When You Are Struggling With Depression

When you're depressed, say these powerful affirmations to fill your heart with positivity and hope.

Positive Affirmations To Repeat When You Are Struggling With Depression


My heart is an endless spring

of bliss and joy.

I go there to refresh, purify

and make myself happy.


I allow myself to have feelings

of  sadness,

because I have the courage

and the greatness to overcome them.


I live in Love and Light.

I spread joy and happiness.

I am the sunshine of my Life.


I feel all the love that surrounds me.

I feel it and my sadness

instantly goes away.


I stop feeling sad,

no matter what the reason:

I enjoy life in the present moment.


Despite everything,

I believe in joy.


By being positive,

I attract positive things.

By radiating love, I attract love.

By being bright, I attract the light.

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I have no fear of my darkness.

My darkness does not exist,

it is only an illusion created by my mind.

I am never-ending Light.


I accept

and embrace myself

as I am right now.


I am a powerful, magnificent

expression of Divine Love.

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I allow myself to be happy,


I take a breath,

I relax my body, I feel my heart:

I am a precious, wonderful,

unique and unrepeatable

miracle of Love.

The affirmations you just read are taken from our book 365 Mantras for Today, a collection of 365 powerful affirmations to enlighten every day of your life.

From our book "365 Mantras For Today"

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"I succeed in everything I do."
"I am love."
"I dare to live my dreams."
"I give myself permission to be happy."

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