Here is an Angelic Prayer to help you stay centred in your personal
awakening process and connect with the infinite source of light within your heart.


Dear Angel,

please, help me release any doubts or fears I may have about fulfilling my mission on earth as a lightworker. Infuse me with your light so that I may cleanse all the energy frequencies that are not aligned with love and compassion. Help me stay centred and wholeheartedly involved in my personal awakening process as I discover my purpose, mission and role on earth. Please, teach me how to connect with the infinite source of love and wisdom within my heart. Guide me to embody the light and presence of the Divine. Make my life a sacred path of love where my heart and soul blossom. Please, inspire my life journey so that my footsteps may be a benefit to others. Guide me to be a beacon for all I encounter so that they may be raised above all sorrow. Help me let my light shine and spread throughout the world. Inspire me to be the mirror for others to radiate their own sparkling light.


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