A Prayer for physical health for you, your loved ones, and others in need

Dear Angel,
I pray for your help with my loved ones, family members, friends and acquaintances that are now dealing with physical issues. Please, bless them with your compassionate care. Hold them in your loving arms. Help them to know that you journey with them and that you are holding their hands.  Surround them with your heavenly peace and remind them that all things are possible for those who believe. Fill their bodies, from the top of their heads to the soles of their feet, with your healing light and make their hearts overflow with strength and hope.


Thank You my Angel for listening to my Prayer

Photo by Ben White / Unsplash

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Remember this: every prayer is being listened to, at any time, by your Angels. Every prayer is answered and Grace is always granted. You are unconditionally loved by Angels.

Imagine that your desire has come true. Do not focus on ‘how’ it has happened, but only on the fact that it ‘has happened’.

Imagine what you would like to achieve in your life, then start to feel as if you had already achieved it. In a prayer, what always matters is the feeling of being and of having what you wish for.

Imagine, for example, that you wish help from your Angels in manifesting a new job. You’ll have to be in fine tune with the essence of what you want and ‘see’ yourself in your new job. **You need to dive deep into the vibes and feelings of having what you want to create.** When you set an intention with a mindset of openness to receive, you affirm that what you are seeking is already being provided, is already created and made available for your use.

As you learn to clear out blocks, patterns, and karmic connections that no longer serve you, you are better able to receive your heart’s desires. You start to see that all is in Divine Order and you can relax more into acceptance of what flows in your life.

Be Grateful

To thank the Angels is really important, but not for them, because giving is their true nature. They give for the pure joy of giving. To thank them is important for you because gratitude always brings more blessings.

The feeling of gratitude is like a signal that you send to the Universe showing that you are open to receive. It’s like a powerful magnet that attracts complementary energies into your life.

Blog Cover Image by Enlightening Images from Pixabay

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