Are you feeling sad and downhearted? Want to boost your day and keep smiling all day long? This angelic prayer helps you to improve your state of mind and boost your positivity.

Photo by Fransiskus Filbert Mangundap on Unsplash

Dear Angel,

help me constantly monitor my thoughts and free them from negativity. Clear my mind from confusion and fear and align me with positivity. Do not allow any harmful and disempowering thoughts to cloud my mind. Clear the old belief systems that no longer serve me. Give me guidance so that I may release every thought pattern related to scarcity, limitation and fear of failure that causes me to attract a lack-based reality. Help me to stay focused on my goals, my self-realization and my happiness. Lead me not to waste my mental energies on anything that doesn’t contribute to my growth. Aid me in becoming a better person daily, as you walk by my side. Guide me to change my state of mind from being a worrier to becoming a believer.

And now another prayer for you:

An Angelic Prayer To Heal Your Family Karma

Dear Angel,

please, free me from my family karma, manifesting itself in the form of repetitive patterns of behavior and self-destructive tendencies. Give me guidance so that I may release my karma in all directions of time, in this or any other life, for the past and future generations and for every member of my present family. Please, help me heal my family’s karma, now and forever.


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