The guidance of Angels is available to us at any time and place. So let's invite and welcome them into our life.

Messages from the Angels are what we need at this exact moment in our lives. Every Angel brings a different message. So we must be open to them, treasure each message and sign they give us, and make the best out of them.

Look at the picture, then choose a card and read the message to you

Angel Card Reading Message 1:

Your angel card reading message is: "We all want to be loved. So many of us want to be loved in a particular way. We feel that we should be able to dictate how love shows up in our lives and by whom. Otherwise, we have failed. We are looking for those we want to love us in the way we want that love delivered. Today, Spirit tells us that if we simply take the time to stop and look around us, we will notice how truly loved we are in many forms, and love in any package is a gift. Love will show its light on you today. Will you choose to notice?"

Angel Card Reading Message 2:

Your angel card reading message is: "New day! New opportunity for change! Each new day is the chance to begin again. Where have you thought change is needed? Well then, go change it! You have been baby-stepping your way into progress for a long time, and today is a great day to make the major decision to transform an area in your life that has needed a great big nudge for a long time. Then go do it! The energy of the Universe is here to support you. You can do this."

Angel Card Reading Message 3:

Your angel card reading message is: "Stuff just got real, right? Your angels and guides are behind you as you settle into the peace you have achieved. The Angels will give you the courage to move forward and make the right decisions for all involved. You are a powerful being of light that is entirely supported.

Have courage in facing adversity and know that it all works out in the end."