How To Ask Angels For Help With Money

Angels can help you manifest prosperity in your life. Learn how.

How To Ask Angels For Help With Money

Do Angels help with money?

Yes, but it is rarely handed to you on a plate. You will likely need to work for it and it may not be packaged exactly as you asked for.

Our Angels want to help us, they want to help in whatever way they can for our highest good.

I imagine many people hang their belief about Angels on the fact that if they ask for money and don’t receive it, well then Angels don’t exist in their mind because their prayers haven’t been answered as they had hoped and asked for.

Angels are helping us and giving us signs every day, yet our ego often gets in the way and we end up forgetting about their help.

Angels operate on a vibration of love so if you ask for money to spread love in the world or come from a genuine need, they will help.

If you are asking out of greed or ‘just because you’d like more money’, you’re unlikely to receive what you ask for.

‘Ask. Believe. Receive’ – is the key.


First you need to believe that you are worthy:

Then ask for help, believe it will be delivered and open your arms to receive.

You may not get exactly what you asked for:

You may ask for $500 to fix our shower, instead the Angels may send you a plumber.

It won’t always be packaged exactly as you as ask for but your prayers will be answered in some form or another with other opportunities sent your way.

If it is not in your highest good then it may not work out as you expect:

For example, you may want $50,000 so you can quit your job and start up your own business. Although your business may be spreading love in the world it may not be what you signed up as a soul to do. You may need to stay in your job for stability to explore what your true purpose in life is. The Angels are on your side and are helping. You may not get the $50,000 you asked for though. Instead you will receive other gifts if you’re willing – such as brilliant ideas or other opportunities.

Some tips on asking for help with money from your Angels:

  1. Ask and then watch and wait –notice new ideas, feelings or visions giving you directions.
  2. Abundance comes in many forms – such as extra time, support and ideas.
  3. Look out for signs that your Angels are helping you. For example, Angels leaving coins for you as reassurance when in doubt. They can be pretty inventive with signs.
  4. Be thankful for the abundance you already have in your life.
  5. Be thankful for any help or signs you receive.

  1. Stop worrying about money – worry only attracts more money problems.
  2. Visualise abundance and what it brings you.
  3. Affirm prosperity: “I am a money magnet and prosperity of all kinds is drawn to me”
  4. In Feng Shui, the left corner of your home as you stand looking inward from the front door is the ‘money’ corner of your home. Perhaps you could place an angelic statue, symbol or crystal there to remind you to keep asking and been grateful for prosperity in your life.
  5. Ask for help from the ArchangelsArchangel Raziel helps manifest abundance and prosperity using Divine Magic (Raziel appears as a wizard to me in meditation and I often get ‘Harry Potter/Dumbledore’ signs when his magic is around). Archangel Ariel (lion or lioness of God) helps with Divine Magic and manifestation – look out for lion signs when you’re asked for help from Ariel.

You deserve the best, reach for the stars!

Angels want to help us and are constantly by our side. Reach out and ask for help and be open to what form it comes in. When in doubt, ask for signs, pay attention to the creative methods they communicate with us.

The most important thing is to come from a place of love – not greed.

You deserve to be happy and comfortable, remember though that abundance doesn’t always come as money. You may be rich in friendship, love, joy and laughter instead.

Be open to receive. You are loved.

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