9 Signs That Someone In Your Life Is An Angel In Disguise

Sometimes, even if we are not fully aware, an Angel might be very close to us. If you notice one or more of these 9 signs, an angel might be by your side

9 Signs That Someone In Your Life Is An Angel In Disguise

Have you ever felt like someone in your life is more than just a regular person? Like they have a particular purpose or a divine presence? Perhaps they are an angel in disguise. While angels may not have wings or halos, they can unexpectedly appear in our lives. Here are nine signs to look out for to identify if someone in your life is an angel in disguise.

If you notice one or more of these signs, you might have an angel by your side.

‌While you might not often hear much about angels here on Earth, they are everywhere. These angels were placed here, whether they realize it or not, to help the people of this world.‌

‌Sure, we have gone over how to figure out if you are an angel yourself, but sometimes those signs aren't as apparent when looking at whether or not someone you are close with might be an angel or, more specifically, your physical guardian angel. So below, I am going to go over some of the signs.

If these signs are present and you feel them in your heart, then you might have a much deeper connection with this person than you thought.

1. This person can tell when you are upset.
‌This person can say you are upset even if you try hiding your state of mind. They can see your inner workings, which is apparent when something bothers you. They don't have to look far to see what is on your mind.

2. This person completely changed the way you feel within.
‌This person can make you feel more open and bring out a willingness that others cannot. They change how you see things inside and bring more light to your being. But, again, this is not something just anyone can do.

3. This person makes you feel comfortable talking about anything.
‌This person makes you feel comfortable. You know you are free to talk about anything around this person. Regardless of how long you have known this person.

4. This person listens to you on a deeper level.
‌This person listens to the things you say. They take it all in when you speak and don't question you. This person allows you to vent truly.

5. This person gives you energy when you are at your weakest.
This person is someone that brightens your spirits. When you are out of energy and at your lowest, just seeing them makes you feel better. This person gives you a boost; no one else can.

6. You have healed by being around this person, even for a moment.
‌This person can heal you of things you never thought you would be able to recover from. While you might not have to talk much about it, just bringing it up is enough. This person sparks something within you that allows you to move forward.

7. This person always gives the best advice but does not tell you what to do.
‌This person always listens to you from an outside perspective. They provide you with guidance but do not pressure you. In the end, this person knows what decision you will make.

8. This person does not judge you.
They won't damn anyone for their choices, but they understand that one should always consider the bigger picture.

9. This person feels like someone, not of this world.
‌This person doesn't come across as everyone else around you does. They stand out in a way you cannot explain.‌
‌Angels stand out even though they are more 'plain Jane' than anyone else in the room.

In conclusion, recognizing the signs that someone in your life is an angel in disguise can bring a sense of comfort and guidance. Whether it's a stranger who appears at just the right moment or a loved one who always has your back, these individuals offer a helping hand when you need it most. Pay attention to the subtle cues and trust your intuition - you never know when an angel may be watching over you.