The True Meaning of Abundance: Insights from the Angels

Abundance isn't just about wealth and possessions. Discover the deeper meaning of abundance from the Angels and unlock the true abundance you need.

The True Meaning of Abundance: Insights from the Angels

What truly is Abundance for you?

Think for a moment before you answer.

If someone asks you, "What does Abundance mean for you?" most of you will surely answer: "Abundance of money, of course!"

That is common for many of you. All human beings want a prosperous life, indeed. So there is nothing wrong with asking the Angels for help with money. At the end of this article, there are two Prayers to the Angels for money, blessings, and abundance.

But now, think a bit deeper about the concept of abundance.

Abundance is not just about accumulating wealth and material possessions. 

The Angels reveal the deeper meaning of abundance and the types of abundance that truly matter in our lives. Discover their message and unlock the abundance you truly need.

Now we ask you: can money buy things such as health, inner peace, love, respect, true friends, and above all, a higher level of consciousness and understanding of the world?

We're sorry to tell you that money cannot buy any of these things, whether you like it or not. Money can solve many problems but cannot buy you love or health.

An angel in a cemetery, weathered by time, but still a powerful image
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So when you think of asking us, the Angels, for abundance in your life, think carefully before sending your request. We are here to help you, but you must set clear intentions before sending your request for help to us. We cannot interfere with your decisions, feelings, and thoughts.

If you really want to ask the Angels for an abundance of money in your life, don't be afraid. There's nothing wrong with it.

But, on the other hand, if you think that money alone cannot give you the life you want to live, then think of what makes you feel really and fully accomplished in your life.

Is it love that you want? Is it just sex that makes you happy? Do you want to be constantly surrounded by people who love you? Do you want to live a disease-free life without experiencing any physical problems in your entire life?

In this ego-driven world, money and financial power exert a powerful influence over many people's lives. You see this on many social networks, where some people tend to show the world how rich and cool they are, but we ask you a question: would you really love to be like them? Is it what you really want?

Never forget that many people can be rich, but they can also be sad and lonely and are respected only because of their financial wealth.

Abundance is a concept that goes way beyond money. True abundance means becoming able to appreciate all of the beautiful things that the Universe has made available to all who have eyes to see. Abundance means understanding and honoring the gift of life you've received.

So when you ask the Angels for Abundance, give yourself some time to dig deeper into your feelings and thoughts. Ask yourself what makes you happy beyond the apparent mundane things. The answer will come from your heart, and when you are ready, ask, and you'll be given!

We Love You

The Angels

Angelic Prayers For Financial Blessings, Money And Abundance

An Angelic Prayer for Financial Help

Are you losing sleep over money? Are you stressed about your financial situation? Don't you know how to get out of debt? Try this angelic prayer.


Dear Angel,

You see my material needs; you know my lack of money and my debts. You know my worries and fears about my financial situation. I lost sleep over money concerns. The stress of figuring out how to get out of debts is almost more than I can stand. I ask for your loving intervention to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress. Please, calm my anxious mind and infuse me with a sense of trust and hope. Enlighten me and help me find an immediate solution to my money issues. Help me have enough money to pay my bills and fill my basic needs. Keep me motivated to fix my financial problems rather than being in a mood of despair and getting continuously bogged down by thoughts of failure and defeat. Guide me in every decision I make. Help me not to make bad choices because of my financial anxiety. Align me with the energy of prosperity and abundance.  Pour wealth into my life and help me shift from the fear of not having enough money to gratitude for all the financial blessings I'm about to receive.


An Angelic Prayer For Money And Financial Blessings

May the Angels help you manifest money easily, abundantly and effortlessly.


Dear Angel,

Please, guide me to manifest money in my life. Help me release every thought pattern related to scarcity and limitation that causes me to attract a lack-based reality. Guide me to remove any hindrance that may interfere with the divine flow of abundance. Make me open to receiving the gift of financial wealth and riches. I ask you to remove my anxieties, fears, and worries about money and replace them with the awareness that prosperity is my natural state of being. Let me allow money to come into my life easily, abundantly, and effortlessly so that I may experience an existence of blissful and unlimited prosperity.

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