Angels are, by their very true nature, messengers.

The word angel comes from the Greek word aggelos (pronounced angelos), which means messenger.

Angels send us messages in many forms. 

If you would like to receive an important message that you need to hear right now, look at the three Angels in the picture.
Pick the one that attracts you the most and read the message that that specific Angel is sending you.

Angel Number 1: Be Proactive

The message is: do not wait for things to happen. Just make them happen right now.

Delaying decisions has been part of our life. You tend to avoid making final decisions. You think you are not ready yet for the next big move. And so, you get stuck most of the time in the tangles of indecisions and unsolved situations.

But now, things must change. Stop delaying, start acting. Start thinking: “I can do this, not it’s the right time!” rather than thinking: “I cannot do it, I am not ready.”

The world is full of opportunities for those brave enough to think they can achieve their goals. Change your state of mind from being reactive to being pro_active, and a whole world of new opportunities will open up before your eyes!

Angel Number 2: Everything will be fine.

The message is: Believe in yourself, and you’ll see miracles happen.

You are not the only one who has problems. Like mushrooms pop up overnight, so do issues in our lives. Sometimes, they just come out of the blue. And this is when our determination and self-confidence come into play. So, rather than complaining against destiny or misfortune, start believing in yourself and your ability to solve your problems.

Be proud of who you are, and grow your self-confidence. As if by magic, you’ll become immediately able to face challenges and achieve the desired result. You have unlimited potential, and the time has come to unleash your power and start creating miracles!

Angel Number 3: Learn something new every day.

The message is: Be curious and try to learn something new from every person you meet.

Other people are just mirrors of ourselves. They reflect a part of us: our light and our shadow. We must not judge anyone we encounter on our life journey. With humility and going beyond appearances, we can learn something new from every person and situation. Life is an exciting journey full of beautiful surprises. Do not make the mistake of thinking: “oh, this person cannot teach anything I do not already know.” Every person you meet has something to teach you. Do not miss the chance to expand your consciousness of the world further.

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