8 Angelic Messages That Your Children Need To Hear

Angels and children are tightly connected. Heaven loves your kids! Here are 8 messages that angels are sending to your kids right now.

8 Angelic Messages That Your Children Need To Hear

Angels and children are tightly connected. In so many ways, children are Earth Angels who remind their parents of how important innocence, laughter, honesty, and play are.

Cherubim are angels who help us keep our hearts and minds open to giving and receiving love. Being open-minded and open-hearted allows us to experience the magic of the world through the eyes of a child.

When I was young, my father used to help me develop my intuition. For instance, he would hide some objects and then would walk with me around the house, until I have found them only with the help of my senses.

Sometimes, he would take me with him to the store and he would ask me to use my inner knowledge to locate an empty parking spot.

You can try it with your children. Kids are naturally intuitive and they can communicate with their angels.

8 messages from the angels for your kids

These 8 messages from the angels will help your child get in contact with his or her spiritual gift and recognize the healing presence of angels.

Kids are angels in disguise

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1. Believe in yourself

Even if you’re a little, you can do so many things. You’re very smart and you will always be able to do things right. When there is something new you need to do, believe in yourself. You can do it!

2. Call on your angels

Even now, at this very moment, your angels are with you. They want to help you, and you only need to ask. You can ask for their help quietly,in yourself, or out loud. Angels are able to hear your thoughts and and sense your feelings. Ask them for guidance for all the things that worry you.

My lovely daughter
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3. Don’t let other people bring you down

He’s going to be evil when they’re not happy about something. Sometimes evil children have evil parents. If other children are being evil towards you, that’s because they want you to feel as unhappy and miserable as they feel.

Pray for them to become better and happier children. When someone is mistreating you, don’t feel bad. Instead, talk to your mom, dad or your teacher. They need to know if you feel threatened  by some other kid in school or if anybody else is hurting your feelings.

4. Believe in Miracles

God loves you, angels love you. God can do anything, even miracles. Yes, heaven wants to help you. Talk to God about your fears and pray. Listen to his answers carefully. They will come to you through your emotions or you will hear them in your thoughts.
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5. Love and respect yourself

You are very special and the world is a better place because of you! Every day, tell yourself: I love you.

6. Make a wish

Do you have a wish that you would like to come true? Wishes are like prayers. Make a wish right now! It will come true in a different way then the way you expected. Wishes always come true in the best way possible.

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7. Imagine how your dreams are becoming reality

Dreams about a nice life can become reality. Anything you need to do is to believe that everything you have been imagining is real. You see, feel and think good things about your life, good things will happen. You can train your mind to only think good. It will make you and strong.

8. Trust your feelings

Your feelings are the main tools that God and angels use to talk to you. That’s the reason why it’s important to pay close attention to your feelings. They’re magical. Listen to them.

And never forget that angels are always by your side. You’re never alone. You can talk to them about everything that burdens your soul.

Heaven loves you right now!

Why is it important to teach children about Guardian Angels?

When night falls, when all around is dark, every child would like to have someone by their side to protect them and ward off any fear. And they have it! With his pure and unconditional love, it is their Guardian Angel who watches over every child in the world.

Believing in their Guardian Angel is essential for children. It helps them overcome their fears (in particular the fear of abandonment and loneliness), to increase self-confidence and their ability to succeed.

"Emily and Seraphiel” is our inspirational book about Angels for children. It helps children believe in Angels and Guardian Angels.

Emily is a little girl who does not believe in Angels. Nor can she imagine meeting one, especially at the end of the worst day in her life. All Emily wants to do is go to bed, have a good sleep, and forget this horrible day. But many exciting things are about to happen on what is going to be the most incredible evening of her life. Emily meets Seraphiel, her Guardian Angel, and a whole world of wonderful creatures opens up before her eyes. She discovers the magical world of Angels. She also meets her new superhero, the Archangel Michael.


Children love this book because:

  • it helps them overcome their fears and insecurities
  • it makes them feel loved, understood and accepted
  • Seraphiel is funny, a hilarious angel who knows how to make children laugh
  • the angel is also very wise and gives wonderful teachings
  • the book has beautiful illustrations

Parents love this book because:

  • It helps children believe in Angels
  • it helps children recognize the love, the care, the sacrifices that parents make to give them a good life
  • it teaches children about self-confidence
  • it conveys profound spiritual values in a world that seems to have forgotten them.

Emily and Seraphiel, The amazing story of a little rascal and her guardian angel: With the special participation of the Archangel Michael

Inspiring, Entertaining, Uplifting

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