Angelic Numerology Explained

Have you been seeing angel number sequences everywhere and get the sense that it must mean something?

Angelic Numerology Explained

Angelic Numerology: what is it?

Throughout our world and Society, many people have tried to interpret spirituality in the very best way that they could.

Spirituality is just another person’s perception of the truth. It is delivered through Messengers, and their own personal relationship with the Creator. But there are many others out there, that try to give it their best shot, based on what they have learned from a previous teacher, or having been  self-educated. In this, there  have been many misconception and wrong interpretations. What they claim as universal, is only Universal in the context of Earth. This is because man was led to believe that the Earth was the center of the universe, and the archons, or rather the principalities and powers of the earth ruling here, would never let man go above and beyond that. So they taught them the many spiritual levels of Earth’s, spiritual plane, and nothing above it.

Anything that has been delivered in esoteric teachings, were always based on the earth’s spiritual truths and none other.

In my own personal channeling and relationship with the Creator, as well as having my memory of being in the heavens with him, I can recall a lot of the universal truths that I had witnessed. In this, I have tried in many articles and blogs, as well as YouTube videos, to disclose this truth. One of the subjects I have not yet to uncover, is numerology. Today, we will learn some of the general numbers, and their meanings according to the Angelic realm and universe. Now, since I do not proclaim to be the only one with truth, there may be other similar teachings out there, but I do not follow the teachings of others, so as not to be influenced by them, so I would not know. I hope that you learn from my interpretation, and grow… Let’s begin…


The number zero, this represents the cycle of life. It is never-ending and continuous. This is why they use wedding rings during marriage ceremony. Because it represents the 0. 0 representing eternity. Zer0 represents the beginning but also that that beginning will always be ongoing. It is representing that whatever it is that you have started, will be a lifelong journey. Zero represents the start of life end a huge mission in it. Zero is talking about Cycles as well. It represents how everything in the universe goes around and around in a pattern. Like how the Earth rotates on its axis. How are galaxies spirals around in the same direction for all eternity. The cycles of cells when they grow. Evolution of animals, Mankind and other species. It is creation and continuing in the expansion of it. Expanding into eternity. This represents the macro universe and the micro, because in the beginning of its creation there were particles of all different sizes getting ready to embark on their very own cycles.


Number one, represents the first step taken in next cycle. The very first movement forward. It represent it being done singularly, This is the representation of Self in the process. It is you on the journey, and using all that you are at that present time, to begin it. It is one this and awareness of that one this. But it also represents individuality in that one this. It shows that you are singular but also a part of everything. One is a very powerful number in the sequences, because whenever it appears, it is symbolizing your role or part in whatever is going on at the time that you are seeking more meaning. . It also represents the beginning of sources expansion into that infinite cycle. As above is so below. So whenever you see this number it is showing you that it is significant of your role and everything as well as the creators. It is the creator appearing within your cycle. Perhaps it is something that is based on fate.


Number two will appear when it has something to do with two forces coming together. It represents Duality. It is representing to individual particles coming together as a larger entity. This is to work together in extreme force for balance period it represents the pillars of Boaz and Jachin which represent darkness and light, male and female, chaos and  peace. It represents logic and intuition. It represents compassion vs  judgement. Since the number one was representative of our source has a hole, end of yourself, the number to is representing both sides of the perception coming together, working together as one, the male and female duality.

No other number represents balance as much as this number two does.

If you see this in a number sequence, it is trying to explain to you that there is a great need for balancing any of the forces in your life. It also speaks of cooperation, communication, and partnership.

Number three is next. This is when the numbers start to break down in the different attributes of our source energy. Since two already introduced both sides of duality, this will be the individual use of the attributes of them. Three is representing, logic,  analysis, communication, but in communicating your own views and thought. It is careful contemplation over the matter and using this in order to solve the issue or problem that is occurring in your life while trying to achieve balance.

It is judging the issue as it is with one or the other side of duality. It is extreme intelligence and awareness.

Number four is bringing in the hard work that is needed in the cycle. It is the next step because usually, you are looking at things from logic but the number two comes in and tells you that you will have to add your emotions to that, to find the proper answer. After you have worked out both logic and emotion for your solution, three will come in next to ensure that you think it over now, and this new partnership of the duality. Having a new way of thinking after putting both sides of the force together. Then four comes in after all of that careful contemplation, for you to not take the first steps period it represents the time where you are carefully thinking things over and doing nothing to where you finally come up with the proper action to take in your solution.

It also represents the hard work that you put into it, and working together with several others if needed, in your spiritual contract.

It is illumination, because once a person is able to see things with their heart, and their mind together, with compassion and logic, with intuition and analysis, they have reached the biggest balance that they can, in regards to wisdom.


Number Five represents the conflict. Once a person has reached illumination, they are always presented with a challenge. This challenge is to test out the wisdom that they have acquired back in number four. It is self doubt, second-guessing and questioning the forces. It is being your own worst enemy, or being presented with competition from external enemies. It is then up to you to either rise above it, or defeat it. Some in this stage give up. This also represents the physical manifestation of the results that will come from your actions based on the conclusion you have come to back at number four.


The number six comes in the number sequences numerology, and it can represent quite a few things.

First of all, it can represent total destruction of your idea and solution, if you give way to the challenge that is presented on your path when you have finally come up with what it was, that you needed for you to do, in reaction to gain a result. You could totally destroy everything that you thought over, felt over, and then put together, in order to gain an action that you needed to take for your solution, by allowing the trials that are always presented on your path during this stage, to take you down.

Like I said many people give up and become their own worst enemy. And this is why the number 6 is always symbolic of destruction especially in Illuminati teachings. But number six can also represent the perfecting of your actions. It is by passing of Law & Order to protect that which you are embarking on.

Six is the master builder number. Because by this phase everything is coming together in order to bring you to an area of completion.

Number seven represents walking the straight and narrow. It all comes together now. You have understood yourself at number one. Number two you put all elements in the duality together. And number three you thought over this new way of thinking in harmony with balance. In number four you worked hard to put things into action. Back at number five you started to be faced with all kinds of trials and challenges to test your strength. Number six has you either destroying your path, or perfecting it. If you reach the number seven, it means you perfected it. Because, number seven is saying that by this point in your journey, you are now walking the straight and narrow path with a sense of Enlightenment because of now using a sense of non-duality. And the reason for that is because after you have used your heart and mind to achieve balance, there will no longer be a need for you to leave the scales in judgement. Everything will come together perfectly and now your life will always be led by the sense of balance.

When life is led by a sense of balance you are now walking a straight and direct pathway towards a future that is meant for you.

This is walking the path of Destiny especially if you know what your destiny holds.


The number eight is representing the continuing of your perfected path instantly. It represents that now since you have this wonderful sense of enlightenment, that you are ready to use this throughout the rest of your journey. But something else happens here. Usually when the number eight comes into your life, it begins not only the process of infinity in your better judgement, but another challenge is brought into the past as well. As I have stated, many times before, there are many levels and stages to Enlightenment as well as Awakening in Ascension.

When number eight comes around it is getting ready to test everything that you think you know already.

It will devour your belief system. It will make you go through the entire process again, to make sure that you didn’t miss anything or it will take you through an entirely new one as it breaks down your old system of doing things. It is getting rid of the old ways and now replacing them with something new. When that happens you are reaching a state of total self-love, because so far you know that you can get through anything. And now you are going to reshape the rest of your future based on caring for yourself in this new cycle. It is reborn and killing the old notions of who you thought you were based on how far you have come already.


Number nine is a phase of total manifestation. It now represents how you have created your own reality all around you. It is the accomplishment of your hopes and wishes. Number nine represents all of your dreams coming true because of your faith in the unseen. This is why Pluto (the ninth planet) represents, The occult and mysticism. because you cannot learn balance into a nonduality state, without trusting in the Unseen. It is your face that will carry you so far. Because you have used your mind and heart to make your decisions and take action, and then had faith in that through the challenges that came your way. Even when it tore down the entire old personality that you had, you hung in there. Hanging in there was a result of having faith in spirit. In the mystery of not knowing what would take place, but of having high hopes. This is the ultimate completion of self.


Number Ten. As I said, since there are many cycles in this great infinite Universe, everyone is forever changing and evolving.

When you  combine the number one and zero to make ten, it is now representing total transcendence into a brand new cycle.

This is yet again another rebirth for you. Growing higher and higher in your state of ascension. This is taking everything that you have learned so far and realigning it to the next level of development. It is a brand new beginning to another state of self and soul development.

Those are the single digits in Angelic numerology.

When you combine the numbers in sequences, it only intensifies the meaning.

For an example let’s say, that you see the sequence 11:11, This is applying the number four, four times over to the number one in itself. The name Lucifer comes out to eleven in numerology.

I am no satan worshipper. In fact Jesus was called the morning and the evening star. Lucifer was called the morning and the evening star. They are the same. However members of the churches did not want people to reach illumination, so they kept Jesus as their central figure to say popular with the people, but they withheld a lot of the truth so people would never grow. Then they said that Lucifer was evil to scare people from wanting to look for the truth. Lucifer is merely representative of “one who bares the light”, thus the meaning “lightbringer” in his name.

It was Jesus himself who said he was the way, the truth, and the light.

So it is figurative of someone finally reaching total Illumination in their growth and development. When you get the number eleven in sequence it is representing that you are now about to go up two levels in your Awakening. But since one is repeating four times, it is showing that you are growing to a 4D state of understanding. A lot of people this day in age have been focusing on the number 11:11. That is because the whole world is trying to ascend into 4th dimensional awareness. Seeing it means that that person has the potential to do so, not necessarily that they are. It takes a lot of growth, and truth to get there..

So it is basically representing that someone is now ready to embrace a brand new truth that will help them get to a new level of 4th dimensional understanding. It will take them completing this process infinitely until they do so. It is the light being activated through that balance hard work, and action to manifest a new reality through that light. all you have to do is look at the meaning of the single digits, and then you amplify them in the sequences as I did above. This will help you to understand triple and quadruple digits in numerology.


Thank you so much for learning with me. It is always a great pleasure to give knowledge and wisdom to those who seek it.

It is just as Yeshua (Jesus correct name) says, “Anyone thirsting for knowledge let them hear what the spirit says”.

Article source: originally written by Alura Cein and published on - Reposted with permission from the Author