Select Your Favorite Card And Discover Your Message From The Angels

Pick your favorite Angel card and find out an important message for you. Discover your message of hope and happiness!

Select Your Favorite Card And Discover Your Message From The Angels

Select your favorite Angel card and find out your important life message.

Discover your message of hope and happiness!


1. Letter of Patience:

This angel comes to you to tell that life is perfect. There are 3 ways that make your dreams come true: patience, optimism, and persistence.
You will face hundred of situations in your everyday life that will test your strength and energy. The important thing you have to remember is that every situation is as simple as it seems.

So, don’t let the situation to determine your attitude, but dictate the progress of each situation.

Just be patient and you will understand everything you saw.

2. It’s your Time:

This letter comes to you to tell that it’s your time. Your time to make yourself happy. Let joy, love, success manifest in your life.
We only get what we think we really deserve. So, don’t underestimate yourself. You deserve a lot of things you don’t realize. Believe in yourself and remember that even a small change in your attitude can transform your world.

Open your arms today because it’s your time.

Accept all the good energies that come to fill your life with love, kindness, and happiness.

3. Letter of Force:

This angel message comes to your life to say “TRUST IN YOURSELF”. Trust is a force of your nature. Just remember when things get a bit difficult, you have goals to gain. Your greatest motivation is the people you love. So, you have to surround yourself with people with good energies and vibes.

Trust universe and God so you can receive wisdom and strength. You will find your path only when you believe in yourself.

You need only strength to fly high to the sky.

Call the Angels, pray to them. Your wishes and dreams are immediately fulfilled as soon as you realize the power of teaming with your Angels. Nothing is impossible for them to handle.

Here two prayers for you. From our book of angelic prayers.

An Angelic Prayer to Break Free from Ungodly Soul Ties

If you feel like your life is being plagued with sorrow, you may need to cut unhealthy soul ties that have been formed out of past relationships, in this or any other life. Try this angelic prayer to break free from these toxic energy cords.


Dear Angel,

please, break every unhealthy soul tie that has been formed out of past relationships, in this or any other life. Cut toxic energy cords. May every ungodly tie be completely shattered, crushed and totally detached from my soul, heart, thoughts, emotions, and will. Let every fragment of myself that has been tied to someone else return to me, cleared out and purified. Please, help me break the chains that have held me in emotional and psychological slavery. Enable me to remove all these unclean spirits, negative energies and presences by blessing and sending them into the light. Help me fill the space that is left with the healing energy of love and compassion.

An Angelic Prayer to Stop Worrying

Do you worry too much? Try this angelic prayer.


Dear Angel,

I am paralysed by anxiety and worry, it is hard to go on with such anguished thoughts running through my mind. Please quieten my heart and ease my troubled mind. Remind me that I have no need to worry, because you are always with me as I walk my path, providing me guidance and protection. Help me to live for today and not to worry about tomorrow. Please, infuse my heart with divine peace so that my mind may rest, clear it from all worries and make space for calmness and confidence. Please enable me to trust you more and worry less.


Remember this: every prayer is being listened to, at any time, by your Angels. Every prayer is answered and Grace is always granted. You are unconditionally loved by Angels.

Imagine that your desire has come true. Do not focus on ‘how’ it has happened, but only on the fact that it ‘has happened’. Imagine what you would like to achieve in your life, then start to feel as if you had already achieved it. In a prayer, what always matters is the feeling of being and of having what you wish for.

Imagine, for example, that you wish help from your Angels in manifesting a new job. You’ll have to be in fine tune with the essence of what you want and ‘see’ yourself in your new job. You need to dive deep into the vibes and feelings of having what you want to create. When you set an intention with a mindset of openness to receive, you affirm that what you are seeking is already being provided, is already created and made available for your use.

As you learn to clear out blocks, patterns, and karmic connections that no longer serve you, you are better able to receive your heart’s desires You start to see that all is in Divine Order and you can relax more into acceptance of what flows in your life.

Be Grateful

To thank the Angels is really important, but not for them, because giving is their true nature. They give for the pure joy of giving. To thank them is important for you because gratitude always brings more blessings. The feeling of gratitude is like a signal that you send to the Universe showing that you are open to receive. It’s like a powerful magnet that attracts complementary energies into your life. This is why you have to send your gratitude to the Angels even though they have no need for thanks.

From our book 365 Prayers to the Angels


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