Discover More About Your Character With These Animal Cards

Would you like to know more about your character? Look at these animal cards and choose one. It will tell you a lot about your character.

Discover More About Your Character With These Animal Cards

Which of the following animal cards caught your eye and jumped out to you? Every animal represents a type of personality.

So, take a deep breath and look at which animal resonates the most with you!

  1. You are sensitive, compassionate, understanding, and supportive.

You are always thinking of others before yourself. You are the person others come to for help. Being needed motivates you, but sometimes people take advantage of you. You are a gentle and free spirit. Your feelings run deep, and you can be pretty sensitive to hurtful comments from others, although you would never show it. But, on the other hand, you have a peaceful and tranquil quality and a quiet dignity about you.

People are drawn to your charismatic and alluring energy. You are usually introverted rather than extroverted and may give the impression of being shy, although this is not the case. You are creative and like to be individual in most endeavors, including dress and home decoration. You love the unconventional.

You are idealistic and often impractical, with great imagination, constantly dreaming of a future in an ideal fantasy world where you exclude the ugly side of reality. You tend to look at life through rose-colored glasses. People who don’t understand you sometimes think you are eccentric because you spend so much time in your fantasy world.

2. You are warm, optimistic, extroverted, and often flamboyant.

You are friendly, good-natured, and generally an agreeable person. You are assertive and determined rather than aggressive. That’s because you are too light-hearted for that. You thrive on human social contact and social gatherings, bringing all types together.

You enjoy partying, socializing, and planning social events when the mood strikes. You are often the loudest talker in a group. While you are charming and sociable, you do tend to be a bit of a show-off. You get great satisfaction from helping others; they find you inspiring with your vitality and positive energy. You are tolerant and accepting of others just the way they are.

You are a people person, motivated by what others may or may not think and always trying to keep up with the Jones. You need people around you – being alone for too long makes you depressed, allowing negativity to engulf you.

3. You are moderately conservative, reliable, and trustworthy.

You are trusting others, although you are very wary in the beginning until you are sure of the other person. At the same time, you also have a deep need to be trusted. You are not impulsive or spontaneous. You always think before you act and do everything at your own pace, in your own time.

You take time to process and share your feelings. You are genuine and sincere, and you take your responsibilities seriously. You are reasonably even-tempered unless your emotions take over. Then you can become either moody and over-emotional or calm and indifferent.

You are sensitive to the needs of others and care for your close circle of friends. While you are friendly and sociable, you prefer the company of your own close group of friends. You need direction and order in your living and work spaces. This is because untidiness and unpredictability overwhelm you.

4. You are independent, strong-willed, and determined.

Prestige and power are essential to you, and you like to be in control of yourself and situations. Therefore, you are non-emotional and give the appearance of a dignified and sophisticated person in total control. However, this is often a front as you may feel quite insecure in the company of refined and cultured VIPs and upper-class people.

You like to keep people at a distance – guarding your emotions and creating an impenetrable barrier between yourself and others. You may be looking for protection from the negativity that surrounds you. But, on the other hand, you sometimes try to create an aura of mystery and intrigue around yourself to keep people curious.

You may be going through a stage of self-denial right now, not allowing pleasure and joy into your life. You hold things inside and are not good at sharing yourself with others out of fear of judgment.

On the other hand, you are methodical in your work, making sure everything is completed as required, down to the last detail.