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The glory and the wonder that is Metatron.

Archangel Metatron was an angel always, but he gave it up to come to Earth, after being led by the fallen ones to come to the physical manifestation and be a medium for them between man and God. His love for the Creator had him give up on their appointed task. He was taken from his human form, Enoch, and taken home. He could not help to come back to teach the wisdom of the heavens and Universe, through Raphael and his teachings. Then in Egypt, he was called Thoth. Some spirits will go by the same names without really revealing the others that are behind it. To help you understand this for an example that would be like myself, my daughter, and my best friend all working under the name Alura. If anybody were to email they would just signed the email with my name, representing me but it would in fact be them. Like a family, uses one last name like “Cein” but there are many in the family. If somebody had done something significant and it was documented under the last name, no one would know who under that name that it was, but it would be represented under that one name.

Metatron came to Earth himself and continued to Incarnate until it was time for the Archangel Emmanuel to come.

He was here, as Enoch. He came to see the matrix from the inside out, since he helped create it from the outside in. His teachings would restore the love needed for the wisdom because it had been given of a more scientific and logical feel by others.

Archangel Metatron

He is a strongly reigning angel with many domains.

Therefore, he is a Dominion, a Scribe, and a Teacher Angel. Metatron is a huge energy, who has taken a special interest in humankind, in seeing how far they can go obtaining knowledge, and what they do with it once they obtain it. A stern personality, channeling him, I felt like I was an older philosopher, but his kindness was unsurpassed.

His name means, Beyond the matrix, because as of late, he is the only soul to work beyond it.

Metatron keeps the blueprints. He knows the in’s and out’s of the matrix, and ones beyond. Any one claiming to know such, he keeps a firm eye on, and this knowledge is only meant for select few under his rulership.


Legion: As a Dominion he is also an Archangel because not only does he have his own domain, but he also leads his own army. A spirit of many trades, and roles. He works for the armies of Yaldabaoth. The one who should be ruling Earth. Yaldabaoth also goes by the name of YHVH. Archangel Samael is the deities father. He was raised to deity status, after his father who was given earth as a domain, ruined it with his own agenda.  Metatron went on to intercede between the realms for this outcasted rebel. He continues to be a messenger between them today. However, the Creator, and the deity both gave Metatron precedence over the Earth as an emissary because he works as one anyhow. Metatron works for YHVH, under the ultimate creator, and he also works between the Earthly archonic rulers, to continue his work here.

In comparison: He has been known as Thoth (due to teachings left through Raphael’s incarnation), Demeter, and the Viking God, Vor.

Colors: Rainbow Rays.

Twin Brother is Sandalphon, the angel of prayers and many faces.