How to Receive Archangel Michael's Help

Do you want to learn to effectively ask for and receive guidance from Archangel Michael? Here’s how to receive Archangel Michael's help when you need it most.

How to Receive Archangel Michael's Help

Do you want to learn to effectively ask for and receive guidance from Archangel Michael? Here’s how to receive Archangel Michaels help when you need it most.


Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is one of the most popular of the Archangels. He and his troop of protector angels are responsible for removing fear based thoughts and energies from the earthly plane.

Often referred to as the Protector Angel, Archangel Michael provides you with protection, courage, strength and power. When you are afraid or feel weak and less than confident call upon this powerful Archangel to assist you.

Archangel Michael can also help you to clear negative energies in your living or working space, and remove any harmful energies lodged in the bio-energetic body.

Asking for and Receiving Archangel Michaels Help
Surround yourself in a bubble of blue light. The color blue is one of the colors associated with Archangel Michael. According to color psychology, the color blue resonates qualities of peace and tranquility, as well truth and harmony.

Whenever you need a boost of confidence or a strong dose of courage, imagine that you are engulfed in a huge bubble of radiant blue light and simply ask Archangel Michael to protect you.

Imagine Archangel Michael cutting away and dissolving negativity and fear. One of Archangel Michaels heavenly tools to assist humankind is a sword made up of blue light.

If you are in a situation where there is a lot of built up negativity or fear, imagine Archangel Michael cutting away and dissolving all the dissonant energies associated with that situation as you say, “Thank you Archangel Michael for dissolving all negativity and fear with your brilliant sword of blue light! May only peace, love, and joy abide here now and from this point forward!”

See yourself surrounded by Archangel Michael’s Platoon of Holy Warriors. This is one of my favorite ways of getting the boost of courage and confidence I need in a pinch. I am a retired attorney at law, and there were times when the opposing counsel would try to intimidate me and my efforts.

When they began to attempt to unravel me personally and professionally I would imagine myself surrounded by hundreds of angels all bearing swords of brilliant golden light.

Then I would imagine feeling Archangel Michael standing directly behind me protecting me within his glorious wings! Talk about a confidence booster!


Use of prayer candles and essential oils.
The use of candles and essential oils together is a very effective way of receiving help from the heavenly realms. People have been doing this for hundreds of years and for good reason – it works!

The prime reason is that everything is made of energy. And when you combine different elements of energy with focused intent (which is what prayer really is) you put the Laws of Attraction to work in your behalf. My book The Archangel Apothecary is devoted entirely to this subject.

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The most common way to ask for Archangel Michaels help is to light a blue candle and rub it with essential oils that either correspond to your need or desire, or use a general prayer oil corresponding to Archangel Michael himself. You need only a tiny bit of oil to do this.


Next write out your prayer request and place it underneath the candle.

Light the candle and allow it to burn down (make sure the candle is in a safe place that it will not be disturbed by children or pets).

Finally, discard the leftover wax and the prayer. This signals to the Loving Universe that your focused prayer is complete, and gives you the assurance that is done as you have asked.

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