Do you want to understand how to communicate with Archangel Michael so that you may ask for his advice and get it?

To get Archangel Michael's assistance when you really need it, here are the steps.

Who exactly is Archangel Michael?

As one of the Archangels, Michael is one of the most widely revered. It's his job and that of his guardian angels to rid the world of fear-based ideas and energy.

Archangel Michael gives you protection, bravery, strength, and power, sometimes referred to as the Protector Angel. A strong Archangel may help you overcome fear or lack of self-confidence by channeling his might into your situation.

Using Archangel Michael's assistance, you may also purge your home or workplace of bad energy and eliminate any toxic powers that may have been entangled in your bioenergetic system.

Requesting and receiving assistance from Archangel Michael

Float in a light blue bubble around oneself. Archangel Michael is often shown in blue artwork. According to color psychology, the hue blue evokes feelings of serenity and tranquillity, as well as truth and harmony.

Ask Archangel Michael to shield you whenever you need some more self-assurance or guts.

Assume that Archangel Michael is cutting away and removing any negativity or anxiety. Archangel Michael uses a blue-light sword as one of his heavenly aids to humanity.

Say, "Thank you, Archangel Michael, for removing all the discordant energies linked with this issue with your beautiful sword of blue light!" whenever there is a lot of built-up negativity or anxiety in your life. In the name of God, may there be only peace, love, and joy here now and in the future!"

See yourself guarded by a platoon of Holy Warriors led by Archangel Michael. This is one of my go-to methods for gaining the extra guts and self-assurance I need when I'm in a tight spot. There were occasions when the opposing counsel tried to intimidate me and my efforts as a former attorney at law.

I would envision myself surrounded by hundreds of angels, each with a golden sword, while they tried to unravel me emotionally and professionally.

Afterward, I'd imagine feeling the presence of Archangel Michael's mighty wings guarding me! What a boost to one's self-esteem!

You may use essential oils and prayer candles.

Candles and essential oils are a potent combination for summoning the aid of the angelic realms. People have been doing this for hundreds of years, and for a good reason - it works!

Mostly, this is because some kind of electromagnetic radiation fuels everything. When you mix various forms of energy with a concentrated purpose (which is what prayer is), you activate the Laws of Attraction.

Essential oils may be rubbed over a blue candle to ask for Archangel Michael's assistance, or you can use a generic prayer oil associated with the angel's name. Again, only a tiny amount of oil is required for this process.

Then, underneath the light, add a note with your prayer request.

Allow the candle to burn out completely (make sure it is in a secure area so it will not be disturbed by youngsters or pets).

Discard any remaining wax. Your concentrated prayer has been completed, which provides you the certainty that it has been done just as you requested from the Loving Universe.

We hope this article has helped you know more about Archangel Michael. Try the praying method we have discussed, and let us know if you gain any benefits from it.