4 Signs of the Angel Michael's Presence - How to Recognize Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is a mighty Angel, and his presence can bring us comfort and help. Here's how to recognize the signs of Archangel Michael's presence.

4 Signs of the Angel Michael's Presence - How to Recognize Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the only angel who is mentioned by name in all three of the major sacred texts of the world's religions that place the most emphasis on angels: the Torah (Judaism), the Bible (Christianity), and the Qur'an (Islam).

Michael is a mighty angel who protects and defends people who love God. In all those faiths, believers consider Michael a leading angel who fights evil with the power of good.

He is powerfully concerned about truth and justice. Believers say Michael communicates boldly with people when he helps and guides them.

Here's how to recognize signs of Michael's possible presence with you:

1. Archangel Michael Sent to Help During a Crisis


Believers say that God often sends Michael to help people facing urgent needs during a crisis.

"You can call on Michael in an emergency and receive instant help." writes Richard Webster in his book "Michael: Communicating With The Archangel For Guidance and Protection."

"No matter what type of protection you need, Michael is ready and willing to provide it. ... No matter what sort of situation you find yourself in, Michael will give you the necessary courage and strength to deal with it."

2. Reassurance That God and the Angels Are Caring for You


Michael may visit you when you need encouragement to make accurate decisions, to reassure you that God and the angels are watching over you, say believers.

"Michael is concerned chiefly with protection, truth, integrity, courage, and strength. If you are having difficulty in any of these areas, Michael is the angel to summon, "writes Webster in "Michael: Communicating With The Archangel For Guidance and Protection."

He writes that when Michael is close to you, "you may get a clear picture of Michael in your mind" or "you might experience a sense of comfort or warmth."

Michael's comfort is incredibly healthful for dying people, and some people (such as Catholics) believe that Michael is the angel of death who escorts the souls of faithful people into the afterlife.

3. Help Fulfilling God's Purposes for Your Life


Michael wants to motivate you to become more organized and productive to fulfill God's good purposes for your life, writes Ambika Wauters in her book, "The Healing Power of Angels: How They Guide and Protect Us." And so, such guidance that you receive in your mind may be signs of Michael's presence with you.

"Michael helps us develop the skills and talents we need that will support us and benefit our communities and the world." Wauters writes.

Michael asks that we be organized and find a simple, rhythmic, orderly routine in our everyday life. He encourages us to create constancy, dependability, and trust to thrive. He is the spiritual force that helps us create a healthy foundation that gives stability and strength.

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4. Relationship Rather Than Spectacle

Like other angels, Michael may choose to show you flashes of light when he's around. Still, Michael will combine that spectacle with substantial guidance that he gives you (such as through your dreams), writes Chantel Lysette in her book, "The Angel Code: Your Interactive Guide to Angelic Communication."


She writes that a "way to discern whether unexplained phenomena somehow indicate an angelic presence is the question of consistency. Michael, for example, will give off small flashes of light to let you know he's around, but he will also let you know by using connections you've already established with him, be it clairaudience, dreams, etc. It is much better to foster this relationship with your angels, seeking out connection through personal, intimate experiences daily rather than relying on spectacle."

Lysette cautions readers to "make sure you're grounded before you form any conclusions about what you saw" and approach signs from Michael (and other any other angel) with an open mind."
Look for signs casually, with an open mind, and do not become obsessed with trying to find them and dissect what they mean.

At the very foundation, they only mean one thing—that your angels are walking beside you every step of the way as you journey through life."

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