Archangel Michael - How To Communicate With Him

How do you call Archangel Michael or ask for his help? How do you know if he is around? Here are all the answers!

Archangel Michael - How To Communicate With Him

How do you call Archangel Michael or ask for his help? How do you know if he is around? Would you like to feel the presence of Archangel Michael in your life?

This article encourages you to connect with Archangel Michael, understand this mighty Angel, and learn to get guidance from him.

What/Who are Archangels?

The word “Archangel” has Greek origins. It means “Chief Angel.”

Who is Archangel Michael?

He is one of the most known Archangels. His name means – “Who is like God” or “Like unto God.”

What does he help with?

While he can help you with anything, some of the things he is known to help with in general are:

  1. Protection & Safety: You could ask him to protect you or help you feel safe. You could ask him to protect your house, family, friends, or anyone you love. He protects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  2. Courage: When you are facing a challenge and need courage, ask him to be with you and help you. When you want to give up or think you cannot overcome a problem, if you feel you do not want to live anymore, you feel depressed, getting nightmares, or facing any such situation where you need courage and strength to carry on, call upon him.
  3. Letting go: Ask Archangel Michael to help when you are having trouble letting go of someone harmful to you, or if you are facing addictions, or are very empathic and absorb negative energy from around you.
  4. Life Purpose: If you feel lost and cannot figure out your life purpose, or if you need help carrying out your life purpose, ask him to help you.
  5. Truth & Integrity: If you cannot stand up for yourself or are having trouble expressing your truth, are unable to see the truth, or are in a situation that is not true to your soul, ask him to help you.

Archangel Michael

How do you call him or ask for help?

Just ask! “Archangel Michael, please help me with ________.”

How do you know if he is around?

If you are clairvoyant, you will see sparkles of Royal Blue, Purple, or Gold. You might see him in your mind’s eye or even see him with your open eyes. His presence is quite unmistakable. You will know if you see him. Often he is seen carrying a sword. If you are clairsentient, you will feel the heat. Clairaudient people might even hear his voice — like a natural sound or as in thoughts.

You can establish with him what your sign from him is. Then, having him around can make you feel very loved and protected.

Learn to communicate with him & get your guidance from him.

Here is a simple method. Please read it first and then do it. If you cannot communicate with Archangel Michael at first, keep practicing, and you will be able to communicate.

  1. Sit or lie down and be comfortable.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Express your intent to be able to communicate with Archangel Michael. It is as simple as saying in your mind, “Archangel Michael, I wish to communicate with you. Please help”.
  4. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes till you feel relaxed. Remember that relaxation of the mind and body is essential in doing this.
  5. Count backward in your mind from 100 to 0. Do this slowly to relax further.
  6. Now breathe in the rainbow colors slowly, one by one, starting with Red and ending with Violet. This helps you raise your vibration, which helps communicate with Spirit Beings of high vibration.
  7. Imagine breathing in Red for a few seconds.
  8. Next, imagine breathing in Orange for a few seconds.
  9. Next, imagine breathing in Yellow for a few seconds.
  10. Next, imagine breathing in Emerald Green for a few seconds.
  11. Next, imagine breathing in light Blue for a few seconds.
  12. Next, imagine breathing in Indigo for a few seconds.
  13. Next, imagine breathing in Violet for a few seconds.
  14. Now wait a few seconds, imagining the color Violet filling and surrounding you.
  15. After that, imagine breathing in the energy and color of the purest Gold. Fill & surround yourself with the color & energy of Gold. Stay in this energy for a few seconds, just taking it in.
  16. Now call Archangel Michael in your mind. Request him to come and speak with you.
  17. You will see his presence in your mind, feel his presence, or somehow know he is there.
  18. Begin with talking about simple things with him. His replies will, at first, feel like your own thoughts. Or you might see images that communicate what he wants to say. Do not stress over it – this is important.

Worrying or trying too hard will be counter-productive. If, at first, you feel you do not hear anything, start by making up a conversation. Ask a question, and answer it yourself as if he is replying. You will soon realize you are no longer making up the replies. The answers are such that they will feel very different from your own thoughts. If you have never communicated with Angels or spirits before, make sure you practice enough. With enough practice, you will not have to do these steps later. You will realize that you get a reply as soon as you ask.

Ask him questions like how will you know when he is around. You can ask about your life purpose or a problem you are facing. Talk to him like you would with a good friend. And get to know him for yourself.